Mid year drop in and where is my blog heading?

Hi all,  checking in with you all with this post.

So yes, I am offically 30 as of last Saturday and I had a awesome time with two events. First lunch with the family and then cockital gathering with friends at the arthouse hotel.  After that it was a spontaneous karaoke and didnt finish till early Sunday morning.

Been spoilt rotten with a lot of lovely gifts thank you!

The second question is where will this blog go? As of late, my posts have rather been uninspiring and lacking content as of late. For me, I go through waves of motivation of having to write posts and then I don’t post anything interesting for a while. Will I continue?  I think I need to go on an indefinite hiatus and post when I feel like it

One year on since i left my previous job mentioned in posts last year and honestly I am ready to move and transistion into something related to my field. So many people have left since I started and both my original bosses have all left. The boss in charge right now, I am unsure to use as a reference as the secondment didn’t work out with that particular team nor has been very long. I’ll say that everyone has left hence no-one to use as reference in my current job. My old place is still keen for me to use as my references instead. I do also think that my strengths haven’t been used and not even one perfomance review, which is another reason for me considering transistioning into something related to my role.

The reason of taking this job was to get me out of records and try something different, and just something to keep me afloat until I find my next one.  Just another dead end draining admin role.

The hours are out of office hours which can be a pain and I would like to go back into normal hours with my next job.

Driving test still no success so far but a goal in progress…. I really need to start taking one day off aside from my uni classes to acocomdate with this.

Feelings wise: personal life ok,  career wise not so much.

Anyways, that’s where I stand right now with myself


I’m on uni break now!!

Dear fellow readers..Long time no post!!

I am back here because of the above said title. I havent posted since April and the past month has been busy!! May brought a farewell to a friend who is in London now, and my final assessements took up a fair bit of the weekends.

The mini secondent that I mentioned posts ago? didn’t work out so I am back on my original place and recently one from our admin team resigned this week so will be leaving at the end of the month. One down but life goes on. Plus I already have my leave approved for uni classes next semester.  Well, my department has already nurses dropping by flies in the last few months and now my unit manager has gone. The one (different person) who hired me left two weeks after I started.

It’s coming to nearly a year and I’m seeking jobs that relate to my field of study (setting wise) but plans to apply after my one year anniversary. The main purpose of this job was to give me a break from records and gain new skills whilst finishing my degree. With the way the department (and our corresonding department) is going and my career goals in sight, ready for the opportuniy to go.

Other than that, long weekend is coming up!

See you later! x

New Fitness Regime..

Hello dear readers,

For those who were wandering whether I still do freeletics as my fitness regime to this date. A year ago I posted my own views and was using it religiously. After using the app for alomost 2.5 years, I decided to call it quits as of March 2018.  In the month leading up to my final workouts, I found that I wasn’t getting anymore benefit out of the 3 applications. The workouts itself were getting montonous and especially with the gym app, was lacking variations of exercises. Plus the subscription every 6 months was getting pricey.

That’s when I discovered FitBod app, an application dedicated to strength training. Bascially it has different goals from strength to powerflifting, bodybuilding and olympic weightlifting. You can also customise what equipment you have, set time avaialbility and level , exclude exercises to training splits. A yearly subscription of 70AUD, if you choose to go down that path.

Conditioning wise, I’ve discovered AMRAP plus one with a whole range of programs and those programs are a one time payment. AMRAP plus one gives a discount if you purchase 3 or more programs. Anyways, I mix both of these apps up and never looked back since.

More to come with my own views….

Till next time…

Happy belated Easter!

Thought it’s better to say it now rather than never!  I hope your easter was good.

I went away during easter down south to Wollongong and it was really good! Early beachwalks to hanging around in the main city and seeing other suburbs made this worthwhile. Good Friday was spent hanging out at a pub as all liquour shop were closed and catching up with my work friend who’s been tere for a year now.

Really getting to see more in that area during that time. Thats not the end of it though as I am planning to go back there during June long weekend for a short trip.

Other than that, I am back at uni and this time my subjects are fairly heavy content, as well as  passing my driving test.  Unfortunately I haven’t passed it yet.. I will get it!

Oh and recently, I’m seconded to another role atm part time so that’s kept me busy…

I am now doing Real Insurance 5km run, along with blackmores as well! I need to wait until city2surf opens then I will sign up.

What I am looking foward is The Fitness Show this month and this time I am going over the weekend.

You will see there will be less posts during this period and also, blogging hasnt been a priority atm.  When I do get a chance, it’ll hopefully be something with actual content instead of life updates.

Take care and will see you in the next post

x Lydia

The loss of a childhood pet :(

Hi everyone, just a small update with my life.  Pretty much on my title above.

Last Sunday at 6.30am, I lost my childhood dog named Missy.  Earlier that morning she was yelping in pain wanting to go outside and dad took her out for a bit. Later on we knew it was time as he observed her slumped over and took her last breath and that was it.

We boxed her, wrapped around in a towel, said our last goodbye and then we all buried her in the backyard garden, along with my cousin who was with us. She joins our previous cat, fish and another cat before my previous one.

Growing up 17 years of my life with her, shared very good memories with her. Towards the end of life like with age she had lots of health problems and kept her alive for one year until now. We were going to put her down last year but turned a corner. No longer in pain and suffering.

It’s sad to see her go but we knew it was time for her to go.  Anyone growing up with pets understands the sadness but time will pass..

Now our cat remains and our few fish too…

Anyways, Happy March and see you in my next post.


Check-in Febuary

Dear fellow readers,

Can’t even believe the first month has flown by quickly! Since my last post, I have been back at work, spending time with friends and family and driving practise! I did  thes things during my break as well. My goal this year is to progress to a provisional licence!! Had my L’s for too long and is one of my priorities this year 🙂 .

What’s on this month? Not a whole lot this month and using the downtime before March when uni beings again, on top of a concert, easter and the day of my driving test!

-Well Chinese New Year is this month (2 weeks) and will be celebrating with the family. This is the year of the dog!

-First cousin and second cousin’s birthday’s.

-Unleash the Beast fitness games at the end of month.

So that’s all peeps and see you in the next post!



What’s in my beauty collection: Miscellaneous products!

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to my last post of the above series. Today’s post will be on the remaining items sitting in my beauty collection. I have concealers, face powders, eyeshadow base and primer plus highlighter / contouring palettes to post my views on.  Let’s get into the post:


  1. Bourjois Healthy Balance Pressed Powder

Image result for bourjois healthy balance compact powder

A pressed powder designed to mattify and give your skin a healthy glow. Infused with Asian fruit therapy to give your skin a radiant boost.  Ultra fine powder texture that works well on it’s own or on top of foundation. This powder has a subtle fruity scent and hydrating. It melts into your skin nicely as well. Lightweight packaging. I recommend this powder for all skin types and will repurchase in the futue.

Rating: 5/5

2) NYX Mineral “Set it & Dont Fret it” Matte Finising Powder.

Image result for nyx mineral set it & don't fret it matte finishing powder

I bought this powder when priceline had a huge 40% off beauty products. A mineral matte translucent powder to place over the top of makeup to give a flawless finished look. I was excited to try it when I purchased it and it does the job. I do find that this product can be messy to use. Also be careful when handling and opening the product as the product tends to move around a lot and unfortunately half of the product ends up on top of the separator. It does have a tendency to make me look cakey on top of foundation so use this product sparingly. Wouldn’t repurchase this product becuase of the messiness.

Rating: 3/5


  1. Covergirl Clean Invisible Concealer

Image result for covergirl invisible concealer review

Lightweight, creamy formula that conceals flaws and imperfections. This is a good concealer as it coneals my undereye circles and acts as a great eyeshadow primer too. The soft tip applicator makes this product easy to apply and use. Since I don’t use much concealer, it is a good price to pay. This conealer also gives a clean look as well.  I have repurchased this product again.

Rating 4.5/5

2) Nude by  Nature Flawless Concealer

Image result for nude by nature flawless concealer

This concealer is meant to ide dark circles and imperfections for a second skin finish. Honestly, this concealer is very thick and cakey to use. When using this product, it feels very heavy on my eyelids as well as underneath.  It does cover dark circles well though. I guess it provides higher coverage which is why I didn’t like using it. Instead, I am using this as an eeshadow base instead of a concealer.

Rating: 2.5/5

Highlighter / Contouring Palettes:

  1. Models Prefer Contour/ Collection Pressed Powder

Image result for models prefer contour collection

I bought this product to try during the 50% off sale at priceline. This duo is a matte highlighting and countour palette to add depth and dimention to the place. For the price it’s a good palette although I found that the contour can give a muddy appearance. I have this in the medium shade. The highlighter is alright as well. A little product for the countour and highlighter goes a long way. For the price, it’s a good starter palette.

Rating: 3.5/5

2. Models Own Sculpt and Glow Contour Palette

I was excited to try models own products when it was released several months ago.  There are three colours:  Sculpt, Light Up and Afterglow. For the price, it gives good pigmentation for a drugtore brand. The contour powder doesn’t give stong pigmentation which is why it loses a star. In saying this, it doesnt give that muddy look that some countouring powders do. The highlighter definetly lives up to the name ‘lighten up’ with a beautiful beige shimmer Afterglow, the blush with coral and gold undertones is gorgeous as well. Highly recommend this product for the price!

Rating: 4/5

3. Models Own Sculpt and Glow Highlighter Palette Gold Spotlight.

Can I say “wow” to this product because it has now become a holy grail product. The colours are just stunning and for a drugstore brand, it definetly exceeded my expectations.  There are three colours: Gemstone, The gemstone one on the left is my favourite colour. A shimmery gold that lifts the cheeks and works well with blushes in my collection. The glimmer palette in the middle gives a natural bronze tint to the face and cheecks.  The cream highlighter on the right takes that highlighter to the next level! For the price, I highly recommend this product!

Rating: 5/5

4. Models Own Scuplt and Glow Highlighter Powder. Strobe Light (pictured below) and Natural Light (pitured below)

Image result for models own highlighter natural light

I first discovered this product when priceline had the 50% off sale. Strobe light contains white, pink, purple, yellow and bronze colours together to create a flashlight bright appearance. I also purchased another one in ‘Natural Light’. Natural Light contains coral brown, bronze and golds to give the palette a sun kissed look.

Both these powders are my go-to for an everyday look to the evening. Also, these powders gives a very natural glow and it is buildable product. Use a dense brush such as a highlighter countour brush to give your cheeks a pop of colour or a fluffy brush all over your face for a subtle finish.

Rating 5/5


Nyx High Definition Blush.

Image result for nyx high definition blush

These blushes are just so bright and pigmented and gives the face a pretty flush.  I have this in: Summer, Double Dare and Electro. Use a good blush brush and you’re set. Get these on sale and you wont be dissapointed!

Rating: 4.5/5

So here ends my beauty post series of ‘What’s in my beauty collection’. These are just my views on the product and whatever may work for me might not work for you. If you want to purchase these products to try, then feel free to do so :).

Anyways, see you in my next post.


Welcome 2018!

Hello everybody and happy new year! I hope your christmas and new year was good! A new year has come, with new challenges, growth and events!

Although I have another week off, my break so far has been great! Christmas family lunches, day trips to the south coast, celebrating a childhood friend’s birthday and spending time with my cousins and her family, along with cleaning and tidying up the house! Today I am catching up with my high school friend who I havent seen since March last year!

I don’t have specific plans / events this year atm. Below are some that I have in mind:

This year shall be:

  • Seeing Ed Sheeran live in March!
  • My 30th birthday
  • Fitness Expo again
  • Fun Runs again (additional Harbour Run to the mix)
  • Resuming regular yoga sessions!

That’s all I have in mind atm.

Anyways, what does 2018 bring to you?

See you in the next post!

The year that was 2017…

Hello dear readers,

As the year of 2017 draws to a close, I just wanted to reflect on the year. Personally, I found this year filled with change, challenge and exciting events! This year was much better compared to my previous year.  Anyways, lets start:

I took a secondment at my previous workplace mid-year for 6 weeks in a different setting and honestly, I enjoyed working in the setting. I had my mind set on applying for that role until second week into my secondment, I was offered the role I am currently in a different setting and place as well.  Month four of my current role and content (the hours can be challenging at times) with the job for now until I finish my degree (18 months to go). I will then re-evaluate afterwards. It’s a flow on effect and it worked out well with timing :). Who knows maybe that place may have a vacancy pop up in the future.

Image result for new job

I attended two weddings this year. One in March at their house and one two weeks ago at at golf club. Let’s not go down the road yet for me.. Really nice to catch up with people that I havent seen in a while!

In April this year, I attended the Fitness Expo in Sydney for the first time. I really wanted to go in the past but location was a bit far. Lucky it was in the ICCC in Sydney.  A shame that I attended the Sunday only as I attended a baby shower the day before. I met Commando Steve and participated in a workout. I didn’t meet as many fitness personalities but the ones I met I follow on instagram :). I saw also a bodybuilding show and bumped into people I know from the gym. Anyways, I spent the whole day there, loved every moment of it and will make sure to attend a Saturday session as well.


Two fun runs this year for the first time. City2Surf in August and Blackmores Run in September. Too many slow people in City2Surf and my group for Blackmores Run. Hppy with 96 mins for City2Surf and 60 mins for Blackmore Run (minus the +20 mins for starting in the slowgorup). I want to do these runs again next year in a better group. Also thinking also doing the Harbour Run (5k) next year too.  For now, running has taken a backset with less kms but not too worried as I am focused on fitness and conditioning.

Image result for city2surf

Image result for blackmores run

In September, I saw Ariana Grande live in concert and she was very good. That time it was second week into my new job and had an early start. Long day but worth it.


This time, I passed uni (especially this semester) with very good marks! As 2018 hits, I have another 18 months to go and have picked some rather interesting subjects next year (3 core and 1 elective this year). All my core subjects to be completed next year and then it’ 3 more electives to go and I am done!

Image result for i passed uni

I snorkelled the first time back in January this year and glad that I tried it.  At first, I was nervous as I’ve never swum in rough waves and with help with my friends, I was good. Ended up with a fair amount of cuts to my leg.

Also along the lines of challenge, I went paintballing for a mate’s birthday for the first time back in October. A lot of running around and a fair drive from where I live. I had fun but those bruises were terrible for days…

Finally, I took part in a fitness event by a neighbouring fitness first gym called ‘Bond Street fitness games’. Similar to Game of Zones but bigger! These events I participate for fun and not expect to win (nor do i want to be part of the fitness fight off). Later on that day was greeted by an unwelcome tummy bug when I went home. I had the same issue earlier that week the day after the long weekend 😦 . Not fun but anyways, I’m healthy with no tummy issues.

Looking back this year, I must say that I am fulfilled and content this year. Especially getting out of my comfort zone such as fun runs, paintball and snorkelling to gaining new experiences.

Anyways, how was your 2017?

Until the next post,


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