First Post.


Here’s to my first post. I’ve recently rediscovered my past time hobby of blogging during the undergrad days, and to say that I really missed it. I used to use blogger in the begging but over time the formatting and resign drove the shits out my brain, so here I’m starting with wordpress (hopefully this will workout in the long term).

The transition from blogging during my uni days to blogging (this was 5 years ago)  whilst undertaking full time work was like…I seriously have no time for this. Yes, coming home after a long day at work and feeling uninspired / unmotivated to write about anything which lead to me deleting my older blogs 2 years ago.

Blogging History: I started off with general life to focusing on beauty reviews / hauls then it gradually dropped to monthly posts on what I’ve been up to. Then I started with a health / fitness only and then it became too difficult to maintain with the mentioned reason above. Plus life gets in the way.

New year means new beginnings, which is why I’m blogging with a clean slate. As i’m currently a full-time worker about to commence a masters (part time), I need to balance this and life too. Health and fitness is another passion of mine too (I have an instagram-based on this too which I’ll post later). I’ll throw in thoughts, recounts of life whatever you want to call it in the works as well. So pretty much it’s everything and anything that comes to mind is what this blog will be about.

Look out for a post ‘behind the blog’! Okies, so time to write and see you in the next post.



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