Who am I? Behind the blog..

As I mentioned in the last post, I aim to do a introductory post of myself? Might as well do it earlier rather than later.

So I briefly mentioned that i’m a full time worker plus part time student. Technically I commence that in March on a part time basis in Public Health. So yes, after finishing my undergraduate (in science) 5 years ago and working in the industry for 4 years and wanting a’field’change, i chose to undertake this degree. The challenge this year is to balance both and I will do posts from the application process to balance / general thoughts.

Another passion of mine is health and fitness. It began after completing high school and first year uni that i was unhappy and unhealthy with my body and decided enough was enough. Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey as my fitness regime was gone through constant change from changing the exercises i do to nutrition.  I’ll explain through posts over time about what worked / current regime / nutrition etc.

Aside that, my other interests/hobbies include writing, gaming (didn’t see that right?), beauty, well-being, being outdoors, #foodie. I’m also an Oxygen magazine fanatic (and recently fitnessrx) to living life i.e shop-a-holic, socialising but also needing alone time too. Reviews will be featured and who doesn’t love a personal honest review? The only reading that I do will come from scholary articles, a newspaper to reviews and whatever interesting material comes my way.

For the real stuff, I live at home with 2 siblings, a cat, dog and a few cods in the tank under the roof.

So that sums up myself and enjoy the rest of the day everyone!













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