What i’m loving atm…

Sorry not sorry for another post :). Id thought i’d share with you things that am into atm. Please note there is lingerie in this and if you don’t like that, then please don’t read.

What i’m loving atm:

-Victoria Secret lingerie, especially their undies (thong / cheeky cuts in particular), makes a well toned butt sexy. Their undies so far haven’t slid / move upon the moment you wear them. I need to try their bras because that’s what there well known for.

-The bras that that double padding (double boosters?). Since I’ve lost a lot of weight in comparison of previous attempts, the first thing to go is my boobies. Yes I look like I have a man’s chest with no bra. These honestly make my chest ah-mazing!

-Acai bowls post run. I had one after my run this morning and it’s become my favourite. Need to learn how to make one.

-Lingerie in general. I don’t know about you but having nice underwear makes me feel sexy and hot!

-Well fitted clothes. Find the right fitted clothes for your body type and your confidence will soar!! If you work out, especially with weights in particular will shape your body to the next level. Cardio can help but will only make you smaller. If you want serious curves then weights is the way to go! I’ll explain why i love weights and strength exercises in another post.

-Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

-Oxygen magazine. A real fitness magazine for those are wanting serious muscle!!

-Videos advice about graduate school life. As you’ve already know, i’m heading back to uni in March and have mixed thoughts about it i.e nervous, excited. Watching these videos have helped me a lot to understand that its complete different to undergraduate. Next challenge is to balance work on top of that.

Over and out



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