This week…..

Well this week was a short one. 2 days of work after Australia day on Tuesday. I was really tanned after the end of the day. Wednesday was good, Thursday was draining at the end of the day but on the upside, one of my managers noticed a huge change in me at work. As a Cancerian, I hid in my little shell when i first started at that place and I didn’t know what i was doing (seeing as we started as a new department). Now there’s this new found confidence that both my managers noticed in recent times. It will set me up for whatever my next career path may be (uni in particular).

Friday (Yesterday) was my day off for working last Saturday. Mainly doctors appointment followed by my lunchtime exercise session in my favourite gym , shopping then a ‘secret meeting’ afterwards. Good way to end the Friday.

Lately I’ve been on a lingerie spree lately due of this new found confidence in me. Mainly Victoria’s Secret (i’m a sucker for their lacy undies) and anything sexy. I ordered a pair of the so-called butt shaping ‘freddy wr.up’ jeans which arrived on Wednesday and happy to say that i’ll be ordering another pair later down the track.

See you in the next post.









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