All about lingerie thoughts.

Hello again! I thought I’d post something a little different here….

Today’s post will be on something that I’ve recently been loving during this month! If you don’t feel comfortable reading anything of this nature then please do not continue.

As you’ve noticed in one of my previous posts that I am obsessed with lingerie, especially underwear. I have this new found confidence in myself at the start of the month and I’ve come alive. It all started of earlier this month where I was shopping around in the city and all of a sudden, this rush of thought came to me when I was visiting Victoria’s Secret..I needed variety in my underwear collection. All I had was boy shorts and bikini / hipster underwear. So yeah, I walked in and saw the ‘semi-annual’ sale area. Mind you the Victoria’s Secret stores here don’t have a great variety. I spent an endless amount of time looking through what they had and saw all kinds of underwear from lace, no show and regular cotton undies. There I saw various thongs, cheeky cut and hipster. I took advantage of their deals and bought a whole heap of underwear. That now kicks off my Victoria’s Secret obsession…

Also during that time, I was in desperate need of proper fitting bras and I find it so hard to find styles that fit my oh-so not existent chest. Every time i see a pretty looking bra, I find that the fit is not right i.e gaping. I was at H & M at the same day and tried on a ‘booster bra’ and found that it was the perfect fit for my body shape and chest. I then head to Cotton On body and picked up a few of this kind. So booster bras are the best for my body shape. Plus it balances out my butt!

After my so called initial VS haul, I then hopped online to see what else they had and I bought way more! More variety and colours than compared in-store. Better deals too :).  Other stores I visited were Bras n Things and Cotton on Body (new favourites too) as they had crazy deals too.

Now to talk about the types of underwear that exist in my closet (if you’re interested):

Boyshorts. These were my staple before upgrading my underwear collection. As an active sporty sister, I needed underwear that doesn’t show panty-lines and doesn’t ride up the waist. Lorna Jane seamless boyshorts were one of the comfiest underwear that I ever owned up until my haul above. However I do find that they ride up.

Bikini cut. Another classic staple for those period days. I only use these when on that time of the month and don’t feel like wearing my nicer underwear. Alright but definitely not something I reach for everyday.

Seamless. Best for skintight clothing, lightly colored bottoms or anything that sits close to your body. I own a few thongs and normal seamless underwear (hipster cut).  I’ve had no issues with the hipster cut but I find with the thong version it moves around. I suggest to go down a size as these will stretch and move, from my experience. Uniqlo has very good seamless underwear.

Hipster cut. Not much these days but still a good choice for period days too, and also if you want a more casual feel with your underwear. I have a few that sit in my wardrobe and are saved for those days. Bonds do good hipster underwear.

Cheeky cut/brasiliano style: One of my go-to underwear. If those who aren’t familiar with this kind, it’s the underwear between a hipster and a thong. This style of underwear covers halfway of the butt-cheek, which I love! Seeing as I have a ‘nicely’ shaped butt from my lifts to body weight exercises, but seriously, mostly from weights, this compliments my butt shape. Plus it looks sexy too 🙂 Ladies, if you’re not sure if a thong suits you but want those butt cheek show, then I suggest this cut. You’ll be hooked on this type of underwear for sure! Kayser has some real sexy Brazilian lace underwear!

Thong / G / V -strings: This has become one of my new favourite type. Most of my recent shopping trip consisted of this style. I wear a lot of tight bottoms from dresses, fitted skirts, tights and leggings and so I’d rather have no lines showing plus I feel alive and more sexy hot! Although they are used inter-changeably, there is a difference in terms of fabric. Thongs have more side material and a little more coverage than the g-string. The g-string has very little material and no back coverage. I like thongs as it gives a smoother feel and finish.  The g / v-string I like to save for the really skimpy days where I feel daring!  My new obsession are the Victoria Secret thongs. If you think of getting this kind of underwear, then do it! It may feel weird at first but over time you will get used to it. If you don’t feel comfortable asking anyone about this type of underwear in the fear of being judged, especially from your parents, then you don’t need say anything to as it’s your body and not theirs! Likewise, this was my choice and not anyone else’s and feel liberated!

Right now I’m peeking at the Victoria’s secret website seeking what I would like to purchase next…(tempting much??) 😉

Honestly, we all wear underwear daily and who isn’t afraid to do a post on this?  I salute those doing video hauls too (providing you’re not a pervert expecting them to wear on show).

Ladies, what are your favourite types of lingerie?


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