The start of my degree…

So yes, the university semester has begun!

This long weekend so far has got me doing uni work and yes I’ve got my first assignment. Even though it’s a while away, I still need to get a head start with my uni work. Considering I work full time, this is where time management is crucial!! My city gym days for this semester will be reduced during that time and of course lunchtimes in that gym during time off work. I’ve also taken time off in the lead up to my assignment due dates.

So today was similar with study, then chilled and ate at a local restaurant. Killing time!!

My thoughts so far? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed a.t.m because it’s been a while since I’ve written stuff for assignments and back into the swing of things. I want to do well in my first year. Sometimes I think – is this the correct way to write, is the information sufficient are my main concerns. My first study day can hopefully give me an idea on the way to structure my first assignment. I’ve done my pre-class homework already which was good.

Workouts wise it was Freeletics, Freeletics Run and rest. I ate too much good food and once work starts, it’s back on it! Since semester has hit, my favourite gym classes (in the city) will be down to 2-3 times a week. The rest will be training at my local gym and outside, and this is where freeletics comes into place!

What else have I been up to over the Easter break? Besides using the library on Saturday and today, my brother invited his friends over on Friday and it was eating and drinking all the way! I’ve also had a secret meeting chill-out after my study session on Saturday and it was good. Had a fair bit to drink over the past 48 hours too but I needed it anyways. 🙂 Oh and I drank champagne last night too but it didnt hit me hard.

From this point on, when semester starts, my weekends will be based in the library to study (i can’t study at home). Social life to be arranged around as well, and a good excuse to have secret meet-up on the weekends. Time off work to be used for that as well.

Wish me luck and i’ll update my progress at the end of semester. It’s an exciting yet challenging journey now.


End of orientation (noo…)

Like the title says above, tomorrow marks the last day of my orientation and my time off work. As soon as I resume work on Monday, it’s Easter! This upcoming fortnight will be 4 working days instead of 5, and after that I commence my first face to face class then I’m off again for a few days (assignment reasons). Over the upcoming months, I’ll be taking blocks of leave for assignments and pre-class purposes.

My thoughts on this time: engaging and interesting. I didn’t stay for Oday due to the fact it was raining and plus I had planned other stuff i.e lunchtime gym sessions etc. One reason why I chose to study at my current uni and not my previous university was that I needed change. The way they delivered their lectures was far more relaxed and people were actually asking mostly insightful questions (the post graduate on in particular).

I’ve also attempted my pre-readings / activities before April. Might have to relook and come up with new answers.

It sucks that it was raining then sunny throughout this whole week.

Well, cannot wait this weekend as I’ve got Nike NTC event on Saturday to round my leave!!

Till next post!! Enjoy your Friday everyone!!

Orientation week so far..

Hey all,

It’s only been a week since my last post of my upcoming leave and now it’s  finally come (yay!). I visited my campus properly on Thursday the first time since getting my student card last month and it’s quite nice and relaxed. The elevators were even technology advanced i.e lift buttons were all touch screen. This university is well know for innovation, which is why i chose this university instead of my previous uni I studied at. My degree is new as well.

Friday was my library tour (only half an hour though) and then I decided to visit my favourite gym it across the city at lunchtime. I thought I was the only oldie however there were more people that looked around my age. In between I re-visited my past time shopping place in my early uni days and I’ll be frequenting that area during my time off work / weekends. After that I spent the day walking around, enjoying myself and time off work.

My post-grad /mature age (yes I belong to both those categories) welcome was on Saturday morning and to my surprise, there were a lot more people than I expected. There were talks by two people (whom were really engaging) and a dance by an indigenous group. Again they were engaging too, where people got to perform on stage. After that there was a quick talk about the uni systems. I don’t need to go to another session since they already covered it that day. After that there was lunch provided and there was another afternoon session but I dropped out at the last minute.

Today was actually doing work, properly cleaning the bathroom, did a run and got a massage. I wanted to secret meet but had his friend over, so that can wait until this coming week. What I like when I go on leave is that I can make my own way there and meet him at his place. I’ve also arranged leave during assignment times so all good.

Maybe I should do a day in the life of me of work/uni/life/hobbies as a one of my blog posts?  🙂

Time to enjoy this upcoming week free of work!

Till next time x

Uni is about to hit soon!

What I did to this weekend?

A 3k run, cleaned my room, haircut, a secret meeting where we watched UFC! Looked intense and interesting. Pretty chilled this weekend as in comparison over the past 2-3 weekends…

This month is set to be a busy with uni, a fitness event and Easter! The week i get back is when Easter kicks in.

As the above title says, my orientation and preparation week/s officially kicks off as of tomorrow! I still have 3 days (Mon-Wed) this week and I kick off my leave for a week. There’s faculty welcomes plus study sessions just to get back into the swing of things such as essay writing, presentations to using uni tools i.e library journal articles.

I can’t wait as I feel like I need another mental break from work.

I also received my course outline for the one subject i’ll be doing this semester. I’ve got one due around a month (yikes!) plus my first set of readings to do (a policy and a 2 pages of a chapter). That first assignment information will be covered on the first face to face study session in April.  I will need to speak to my boss about taking time off before the assignment/s  are due, plus it’s an excuse to get away from work. Working full time takes most of your hours away and hence I’ll be needing that time off. It’s different when you’re studying full time. So it’s  weekends and time off at the uni library, me thinks.


The biggest thing that I plan not to do during this time is checking work emails at home. I need to distance myself from work related stuff and not worry about it.

Ideas around this topic that I intend to do related to this: Time management (working life and study, plus social/hobbies), thoughts and reflection  to applying to get into a Masters program.

Exciting times ahead!!

It’s March Already!

So i haven’t been posting as of late because my past 2 weekends have been full of celebrations (mainly family stuff).

So it’s March and it’s looking like to be a busy month. I have my upcoming leave  soon for my uni orientation (3 day week this coming week). One Saturday involves a welcome for us older students, and the following Saturday is the NTC event! Then when i come back it’s Easter!

Ive got things planned to do during that time haha 🙂


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