Uni is about to hit soon!

What I did to this weekend?

A 3k run, cleaned my room, haircut, a secret meeting where we watched UFC! Looked intense and interesting. Pretty chilled this weekend as in comparison over the past 2-3 weekends…

This month is set to be a busy with uni, a fitness event and Easter! The week i get back is when Easter kicks in.

As the above title says, my orientation and preparation week/s officially kicks off as of tomorrow! I still have 3 days (Mon-Wed) this week and I kick off my leave for a week. There’s faculty welcomes plus study sessions just to get back into the swing of things such as essay writing, presentations to using uni tools i.e library journal articles.

I can’t wait as I feel like I need another mental break from work.

I also received my course outline for the one subject i’ll be doing this semester. I’ve got one due around a month (yikes!) plus my first set of readings to do (a policy and a 2 pages of a chapter). That first assignment information will be covered on the first face to face study session in April.  I will need to speak to my boss about taking time off before the assignment/s  are due, plus it’s an excuse to get away from work. Working full time takes most of your hours away and hence I’ll be needing that time off. It’s different when you’re studying full time. So it’s  weekends and time off at the uni library, me thinks.


The biggest thing that I plan not to do during this time is checking work emails at home. I need to distance myself from work related stuff and not worry about it.

Ideas around this topic that I intend to do related to this: Time management (working life and study, plus social/hobbies), thoughts and reflection  to applying to get into a Masters program.

Exciting times ahead!!


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