Orientation week so far..

Hey all,

It’s only been a week since my last post of my upcoming leave and now it’s  finally come (yay!). I visited my campus properly on Thursday the first time since getting my student card last month and it’s quite nice and relaxed. The elevators were even technology advanced i.e lift buttons were all touch screen. This university is well know for innovation, which is why i chose this university instead of my previous uni I studied at. My degree is new as well.

Friday was my library tour (only half an hour though) and then I decided to visit my favourite gym it across the city at lunchtime. I thought I was the only oldie however there were more people that looked around my age. In between I re-visited my past time shopping place in my early uni days and I’ll be frequenting that area during my time off work / weekends. After that I spent the day walking around, enjoying myself and time off work.

My post-grad /mature age (yes I belong to both those categories) welcome was on Saturday morning and to my surprise, there were a lot more people than I expected. There were talks by two people (whom were really engaging) and a dance by an indigenous group. Again they were engaging too, where people got to perform on stage. After that there was a quick talk about the uni systems. I don’t need to go to another session since they already covered it that day. After that there was lunch provided and there was another afternoon session but I dropped out at the last minute.

Today was actually doing work, properly cleaning the bathroom, did a run and got a massage. I wanted to secret meet but had his friend over, so that can wait until this coming week. What I like when I go on leave is that I can make my own way there and meet him at his place. I’ve also arranged leave during assignment times so all good.

Maybe I should do a day in the life of me of work/uni/life/hobbies as a one of my blog posts?  🙂

Time to enjoy this upcoming week free of work!

Till next time x


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