End of orientation (noo…)

Like the title says above, tomorrow marks the last day of my orientation and my time off work. As soon as I resume work on Monday, it’s Easter! This upcoming fortnight will be 4 working days instead of 5, and after that I commence my first face to face class then I’m off again for a few days (assignment reasons). Over the upcoming months, I’ll be taking blocks of leave for assignments and pre-class purposes.

My thoughts on this time: engaging and interesting. I didn’t stay for Oday due to the fact it was raining and plus I had planned other stuff i.e lunchtime gym sessions etc. One reason why I chose to study at my current uni and not my previous university was that I needed change. The way they delivered their lectures was far more relaxed and people were actually asking mostly insightful questions (the post graduate on in particular).

I’ve also attempted my pre-readings / activities before April. Might have to relook and come up with new answers.

It sucks that it was raining then sunny throughout this whole week.

Well, cannot wait this weekend as I’ve got Nike NTC event on Saturday to round my leave!!

Till next post!! Enjoy your Friday everyone!!


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