The start of my degree…

So yes, the university semester has begun!

This long weekend so far has got me doing uni work and yes I’ve got my first assignment. Even though it’s a while away, I still need to get a head start with my uni work. Considering I work full time, this is where time management is crucial!! My city gym days for this semester will be reduced during that time and of course lunchtimes in that gym during time off work. I’ve also taken time off in the lead up to my assignment due dates.

So today was similar with study, then chilled and ate at a local restaurant. Killing time!!

My thoughts so far? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed a.t.m because it’s been a while since I’ve written stuff for assignments and back into the swing of things. I want to do well in my first year. Sometimes I think – is this the correct way to write, is the information sufficient are my main concerns. My first study day can hopefully give me an idea on the way to structure my first assignment. I’ve done my pre-class homework already which was good.

Workouts wise it was Freeletics, Freeletics Run and rest. I ate too much good food and once work starts, it’s back on it! Since semester has hit, my favourite gym classes (in the city) will be down to 2-3 times a week. The rest will be training at my local gym and outside, and this is where freeletics comes into place!

What else have I been up to over the Easter break? Besides using the library on Saturday and today, my brother invited his friends over on Friday and it was eating and drinking all the way! I’ve also had a secret meeting chill-out after my study session on Saturday and it was good. Had a fair bit to drink over the past 48 hours too but I needed it anyways. 🙂 Oh and I drank champagne last night too but it didnt hit me hard.

From this point on, when semester starts, my weekends will be based in the library to study (i can’t study at home). Social life to be arranged around as well, and a good excuse to have secret meet-up on the weekends. Time off work to be used for that as well.

Wish me luck and i’ll update my progress at the end of semester. It’s an exciting yet challenging journey now.


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