Choosing what underwear to wear on different occasions?

Hello again! Today’s post is about the above mentioned topic: What underwear/panties to wear under what??

Have you ever fallen into a rut of wearing the same type of underwear with every single item of clothes/occasions, only to realize that you see underwear lines? Tick. As you may already know, not all underwear types suit every single clothing. Of course this is not a strict rules guide but based on experience on having go through different phases, and having different types of clothes for various occasions. So if you enjoy reading this, then continue below :):

Occasion 1: The working horse.

The work dress may range from uniform, smart dress code or be on the other end of casual. Of course every work place is different.  From sitting at a desk , going to meetings, flying in and out, attending training / conferences to having meals with colleagues; comfort is what matters most and the very last thing on her mind is having to constantly adjust your underwear.

Depending on the outfit, I like to wear cotton and/or lace type underwear underneath my work clothes. Mainly thongs, cheekinis to cheeky cut (There’s a slight difference in coverage) are my go to. Personally I find the string types tend to shift around a lot (i’ll wear them on occasions), hence I prefer wearing the above mentioned types. Anything with cotton or lace (or even both) helps.

I recommend:

-VS Lacie thongs and cheekinis, which have sadly been discontinued 😦

-VS Pink Tropical all lace and lace trim thongs

-VS Cotton lingerie thongs/ v-strings

-VS Cotton Lace waist thongs

-Cotton On Body lace thongs and brasilianos. The lace trim cotton thongs also works here.

-Kmart lace thongs and cheeky cut

-H&M cotton lace thongs (they come in multi packs).

Occasion 2: The sporty sister.

Getting her sweat on. She’ll be wearing tights to running shorts and be sweating a lot. She’ll  want to find undies that have that sweat wicking, seamless/microfibre look. Also, be mindful that your tights can show panty lines if you wear normal / regular underwear. Definitely avoid cotton undies and lace too as they can be uncomfortable to work out in. A handy tip here: Don’t forget to change your underwear after working out as wet underwear =  yeast infection.  Plus, who wants to be in sweaty underwear anyways?

With running shorts, go with built-in underwear short types for modesty. Tights on the other-hand, stick with the seam free, sweat absorbing type material. I don’t recommend  wearing boy-shorts under short tights or running shorts  as the leg tends to ride up, creating a potential panty line. Also I found the shorter the length, the less coverage of underwear I choose. Seamless thongs, cheeky-cuts to bikinis work in this instance.

I Recommend:

-VS Pink No show cheeksters

-Cotton On Body: Workout seamless G-strings and boyleg (I don’t recommend this style on short tights though); Smooth lace bikini and brasiliano; Party pants brasiliano and g-strings.

-Under Amour brasiliano underwear.

-Bonds Active G-string.

Occasion 3: The social bee

The social bee can be dining out, hitting the bars, dancing the night away to even attending a wedding or partying.  Since most of the clothing can range from dresses, skirts to even figure hugging pants, she’ll require underwear that will show no panty lines at all. She’ll also want to feel confident and sexy at the same time to set her in the mood.

If your bottoms are tight, I’d recommend wearing lace underwear in this occasion and yes, I recommend wearing the string style for absolutely minimal panty lines. Thongs, cheeky cut, anything with lace is fine too. Seamfree is a great option too. If it’s white or sheer material, then nude undies is a must! Just make sure to check before you head out the door with the lights on! Anything floaty, choose whatever floats your boat and that you feel most sexy and comfortable in, such as mesh or satin material.

I Recommend:

-Kayser Brazilian lace bikinis, shorts and Bombshell cheeky cut bikini and g-string

-VS Cotton lingerie v-string, anything VS lace really as above mentioned

-Bras N Things Ultralite nude mini V-string

-Emerson (Big W) lace thongs.

-Uniqulo seamless briefs.

-Cotton on Party pants bikini, g-string, brasiliano.

You get the picture here with the lace….

Occasion 4: Lounging around lady

She’s come home from being out all day and wants to chill and relax. All she wants is a comfy pair of undies that she likes to reach for. Boy shorts and bikinis to a cheeky cut are good options. A good pair of hipsters work here too. Her PJ bottoms here are cute too.

If you were to wear a thong at night (some are against it though), go with cotton. I tend to do this. Feel free to experiment with different colours as well.


-Bonds boyshorts

-Kmart Cheeky cut undies, the cotton g-strings and the lace trim boyleg.

-VS cotton lace waist thong and cotton lingerie hipsters.

-Cotton on body boyleg and bikini briefs (cotton)

Occasion 5: She’s on her period

Her least favourite time of the month. She’s moody, craves chocolate and bloated. No nice pretty undies around this time and she’ll be sticking to full coverage undies.  Cotton is her best and preferably dark to prevent staining.

Boyshorts don’t work here as I find the pad doesnt stick to the underwear. Hipsters, bikinis and the boyleg styles is what I wear when on that time of the month. Seamless full coverage can work here, but a pantyliner is recommended if I wear a tampon.


-Same as ‘Occasion 4’. There is really no need to spend big bucks on underwear that’s going to get stained.

Occasion 6:  The studious chick.

She’s going from class A to B and spending time at the library finishing her work. She’ll be in her casual clothes focusing on getting good grades for her assessments and exams. Very sexy lingerie of the satin kind is not what she’ll most feel comfortable in.

Again, preference is yours depending on the day. I like to pick my underwear depending on the day, mood and what outfit I’ll be wearing. Cotton and Lace are my go to as they feel really comfortable. V-strings, thongs, cheekies to bikinis styles as anything goes but as of late the earlier mentioned are my most worn types ;). Probably because I have a round butt and with most of the fuller coverage styles, it digs into my butt, hence I prefer thongs.


-Pretty much what I said in the first occasion is fine. You can choose whatever underwear you like in the above in the other occasions mentioned. The reason I say this is so I don’t need to repeat the same thing.

-Mesh is quite nice too as it’s breathable. I have 2 VS mesh type panties and it feels nice. Not sure if they still sell them though.

Occasion 7: Sexy times babe.

She’s ready for bed. Skimpy times call for barely there. Nothing else.

Personally, I love a sexy good g-string or a thong to go under my nightie slip. Or if i want to wear just lingerie, then I like lacy boy-shorts and cheeksters too. This is the time where very sexy underwear can be worn in the bedroom.


-Any kind of string thong or normal thong, with lace. In fact, the smaller the g-string the better. Kayser makes some of the tiniest g-strings on the market :).

-Lacy cheeky cut underwear looks hot as well. I like the cotton-on body and kayser ones.

-VS cotton lingerie v-strings and lacie thongs.

-Satin type thongs. I have 3 from Kmart of a satin feel and it definitely screams very sexy!

-Kayser Brazilian shorts.

Ok, here sums up the different type of underwear for the most common occasions. I hope you enjoyed reading this of a different take. Likewise, lingerie is something that I enjoy shopping for since the start of the year.

Have a good night all!


Uni and life thoughts atm.


Yes i turned my last assignment for the semester!! It’s been a nice start to my masters degree although i didn’t need to take too much leave (as i learned). I’ve got more leave and may need to take it for a day or two before the assignment due. I’ve got a TIL that i have yet to use (maybe for uni) :(. Feeling rather gloomy that it’s done for the semester but that thought fades. Can’t wait until the next term starts (end July), but for now, time to slave away full time. Which brings me to my next point.

I’ve reached that stage where the type of work I do is not my ‘true calling’ anymore. I’ve been feeling low a few times over the past 2-3 weeks ranging from being irritable, grumpy low to being slow and confused. I still get this slight uneasy gut feeling if i overthink things too much. I’m currently going through a refresher stage at work and see if that does wanders (no need to me psyched up about it). Once that’s over, then i’ll focus on what I really want to get into: public health. That’s the reason I chose to do a public health degree, is to transition out from a dead-end clerical job to somewhere in public health. I’ve wasted my monies worth in my first degree (thank god i didn’t pursue a scientific career) and wanted to start in health. Sure it was good from the start but if you’re stuck doing similar roles for years and not using the skills you’ve learned from uni, then yeah. I know my key strengths is writing but to get to where i wanna go, time to work other skills. I don’t want this public health degree to go to waste and end  up in the same place after my degree, without experience. It’s a downer when work can’t guarantee exposure in the fields that you want to get into.The only upside is the flexibility and days off, however that is much harder now that we don’t have as much staff, which is frustrating. Rant over. Focus on the now atm…

Past that, fitness wise has been o.k. I’ve had to change a few things over the past month such as training locally more often and reducing my city gym visits as it gets too hard later on in the week to visit. Freeletics has become my savior and runs on the weekend too. Now I’ve decided to train smarter and take 2 days off instead of one and it’s made a difference to my mood and energy levels. Decided to take it easy this week by training 3 days and then getting back into it this week. Time to be mindful with my booze intake (mostly wine)  as over this past fortnight, I went through 5 days straight of red wine and more at the wedding 2 weeks ago as mentioned below, and i got ill plus I had uni mid-week and during that week, I was irritable too. I’ve also decided to sign to an in house fitness competition in a fortnight. There’s also gym drinks the night before but need to think about that one since one has to give in. I’ll see…

To be in the better mood, I need sleep and found that carbs and a glass of wine helps me sleep and feel better the next day.

Social life wise, went to a wedding where I enjoyed it but had too much wine and my throat was killing me after, which is why i got sick. Nice to see the bride and groom as it was from my circle of friends from uni. Brilliant weather too. I was gonna hang out afterwards however their plans were later on and everyone was bailing, and I was at that stage where I really wanted to secret meet and lucky he was free later that night. All good.

I did a naughty shop at Victoria’s secret where they had 7 for $40 (AUD) deals. I bought 14 of those haha but hey, stock up when these deals on. Btw, the semi annual sale is around this month and time to go crazy with the lacies and see other things from their range.

Anyways, over and out.

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