Uni and life thoughts atm.


Yes i turned my last assignment for the semester!! It’s been a nice start to my masters degree although i didn’t need to take too much leave (as i learned). I’ve got more leave and may need to take it for a day or two before the assignment due. I’ve got a TIL that i have yet to use (maybe for uni) :(. Feeling rather gloomy that it’s done for the semester but that thought fades. Can’t wait until the next term starts (end July), but for now, time to slave away full time. Which brings me to my next point.

I’ve reached that stage where the type of work I do is not my ‘true calling’ anymore. I’ve been feeling low a few times over the past 2-3 weeks ranging from being irritable, grumpy low to being slow and confused. I still get this slight uneasy gut feeling if i overthink things too much. I’m currently going through a refresher stage at work and see if that does wanders (no need to me psyched up about it). Once that’s over, then i’ll focus on what I really want to get into: public health. That’s the reason I chose to do a public health degree, is to transition out from a dead-end clerical job to somewhere in public health. I’ve wasted my monies worth in my first degree (thank god i didn’t pursue a scientific career) and wanted to start in health. Sure it was good from the start but if you’re stuck doing similar roles for years and not using the skills you’ve learned from uni, then yeah. I know my key strengths is writing but to get to where i wanna go, time to work other skills. I don’t want this public health degree to go to waste and end  up in the same place after my degree, without experience. It’s a downer when work can’t guarantee exposure in the fields that you want to get into.The only upside is the flexibility and days off, however that is much harder now that we don’t have as much staff, which is frustrating. Rant over. Focus on the now atm…

Past that, fitness wise has been o.k. I’ve had to change a few things over the past month such as training locally more often and reducing my city gym visits as it gets too hard later on in the week to visit. Freeletics has become my savior and runs on the weekend too. Now I’ve decided to train smarter and take 2 days off instead of one and it’s made a difference to my mood and energy levels. Decided to take it easy this week by training 3 days and then getting back into it this week. Time to be mindful with my booze intake (mostly wine)  as over this past fortnight, I went through 5 days straight of red wine and more at the wedding 2 weeks ago as mentioned below, and i got ill plus I had uni mid-week and during that week, I was irritable too. I’ve also decided to sign to an in house fitness competition in a fortnight. There’s also gym drinks the night before but need to think about that one since one has to give in. I’ll see…

To be in the better mood, I need sleep and found that carbs and a glass of wine helps me sleep and feel better the next day.

Social life wise, went to a wedding where I enjoyed it but had too much wine and my throat was killing me after, which is why i got sick. Nice to see the bride and groom as it was from my circle of friends from uni. Brilliant weather too. I was gonna hang out afterwards however their plans were later on and everyone was bailing, and I was at that stage where I really wanted to secret meet and lucky he was free later that night. All good.

I did a naughty shop at Victoria’s secret where they had 7 for $40 (AUD) deals. I bought 14 of those haha but hey, stock up when these deals on. Btw, the semi annual sale is around this month and time to go crazy with the lacies and see other things from their range.

Anyways, over and out.


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