It’s the Third of July.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s exactly halfway through the year. What’s been happening as I haven’t done a life update as of yet..

It was my b’day a few days ago but kept it low key this time. My friends hinted that I should do something but seeing as I have other b’days to attend around this time, I’ll see. Presents wise.. I don’t expect much since i’m working full time now. I did get a small Lush gift, acrylic jumper for sleeping and a new iPhone! I did buy myself a new Victoria Secret perfume (60% off!) and some underwear, even though I am recovering from purchasing 7 for $30 (2 lots) of panties online. This is currently mt new obsession, as well as Discount Chemist Warehouse.  Also I’ve been into Bras N Things and Cotton On body too.

Oh, I attended a fitness competition 2 Saturdays (fortnight) ago at one of my local gyms and placed 5th with my team. It was good considering I had a year off those events. On that day, I also joined my gym people for a casual lunch and joined one friend who wanted to see The Conjuring 2. A rather scary but great movie, with chilling scenes at the end. A great Saturday. Wish I could do it all again 🙂

Work wise, it’s all the same really. My mood has been better since my last post and just working until the uni term starts pretty soon!! I did have a Time In Lieu this past Monday and since I’ve worked yesterday, I have another 2 more of those days to use soon. Need to find out when the next round assessments are due and then use those days. Leave for University and Day In Lieu/ADO for assessments is my plan this upcoming semester.

Fitness regime wise, I’ve subscribed to Freeletics Gym and am loving it! Before subscribing to the Bodyweight App, I was mainly doing weights and HIIT. Having to go to my favourite gym can sometimes be hard, so freeletics has been my saviour. Mind you, the workouts itself are quite challenging. My plan is to continue with gym coach once my body weight finishes.

SO that’s all I can update you with! Have a great week ahead!



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