Just checking in.

Hello all.

So i’m just doing a  post about thoughts in general. I went out on Friday night to  the Bavarian beer cafe for a mini joint b’day with a friend of mine. For sure I wont be back there anytime soon due to the reasons: There was a time limit on the table; secondly, the food service was slow as fuck and three, seeing that we brought cake from outside, there was a surcharge on top of for each person.Unfortunatelty seeing as the friend was recently married, he had to attend to home matters early which left me the other b’day to go gaming and pooling. I was tired at the end of the night but nonethe less a good night. There was another celebration on the other side of the city for one of my gym buddies but it was too late to join them. Next time.

So towards the end of the month brings me working on a Saturday to be used around upcoming semester. Also a b’day over two days and next week I find out my results for my first masters subject (eek!). I sort of know I passed due to achieving a distinction in all my tasks last semester. Furthermore, the last week of July brings me prepartory week for my upcoming uni classes. Then it’s August and classes begin, meaning time off work to attend class and assessments :). May potentially be offered more Saturdays in the upcoming months as the current person will be going away in September. More day in lieu means no need to use my annual leave for classes, even though I have excess of a week and a bit. Library, coffee, food / wine and laptop every on weekends once semester starts. Bring it on!

Freeletics is currently my new fitness training regime and its given me a whole new motivation in my training!! Having this mobile coach means that i can bring it wherever I want and can train whenever I want for example, yesterday I did a bodyweight workout in my room then borrowed my cousin in law’s home gym for the gym workout and then finished off with pullups and burpees practice. Today I am dealing with muscle soreness, from yesterday’s workouts so I ran 3k today with my running coach 🙂

Anyways, here’s to the second half of 2016!



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