It’s all coming back to me..

Hello everyone!!

It’s nearly  a new month and so just checking in with an update of what I’ve been up to:

The past two Saturdays of this month was work! Yes I worked on Saturday. Since my uni term is commencing very soon, I will need to take time off in lieu during uni tasks. It leads me to the next point..

I really need to get cracking on my uni readings this weekend until my first class as my first class starts in 3 weeks and the first set of sessions are two days in a row. Then the week after I have a quiz. Completely new subject and getting into the more serious stuff! Can’t wait to learn the real stuff now. Last semester we covered a bit of this stuff but completely blanked out so hopefully this makes more sense this semester..the next three months of study, work and life balance… So far i’m really enjoying it!

Pokemon go!! has been my latest obession. Most lunch breaks are spent poke-hunting and  sadly, my brother and mum are into it as well :). Once uni starts and have days off, I will start using my time to pokehunt around the city and my uni too!! I love the uni that I am studying in right now, even more so than my previous university :). Another excuse to meet up with friends too.

I caught up with my high school friend a few weekends ago and it was lovely! She’s moved house and nowaways, we’re more than happy to sit down and eat / drink and a cafe or restuarant whereas two years ago, we would hit the shops. Happy to do local as well, as i’m in the city a few times each month.

Recently had my cousin’s partner’s celebration in the span of two days! One was his own on a Friday night at Goro’s but i couldn’t drink too much as I had to work the next day. The one after that was a suprise on Sunday where I drank a fair bit and broke a champagne glass at the end. Oh wells..

Aside from that, nothing else! Night all



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