What I’m thinking now..

Hello all,

This is a little different from what I’m used to writing in this blog. Conveying little thought here on my blog as I feel it’s better to flesh it out in writing. In no particular order..

As I’m writing this with red wine through my system, it allowed me to relax more than my usual self. Hey, at least red ime has benefits(jsut as long as you don’t overdo it). I don’t know abot you but I just feel that I’m in calm and control with my mindset atm. With uni classes just around the corner and my first assesement around the corner, I’ve shifted focus to work is work and after work is uni (plus a social life). I think  since April of this year of this, i’ve adopted this new mindset to ‘just do it’. I do feel more alive as well as I’ve come out of ‘my shell’ and  take things as they come, becauase let’s face it, nothing is perfect everyday and plus it’s good for my skilset developement. A year ago, I would ball my eyes and be overwhelemed but now I have the just do it approach to things.

Knowing that I need to take days off from working sautrdays is important to me so I don’t need to use my leave (only for classes and that’s it).

This month is set to be a busy month with uni, social and working Saturday. Next motnh maybe busier too, we’ll see.

Good night all


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