Stepping into September

September is here.

It’s now heading into the final quarter of the year and where did the year go?  I’ll be sharing on what’s been going on with my life now. I’ll also reflect on what happened a year ago too, and what’s in store (for now) for the rest of the year.

Mid- August was when university started with two days of whole day classes. Now it’s hitting the  serious side of things (epidemiology).  Not to mention, I had my first assessment due all in the same week. A quiz testing two days worth of knowledge. Surprisingly, I passed with one mark off getting a credit. There were a few that didn’t pass, according to the course co-ordinator.  I still want to do well throughout my degree, as I’m considering getting work experience within my degree. In my opinion, the calculations in the quiz brought my mark down. There were a lot of students from different degrees and the majority were from Health Services Management, as it’s a core subject for most health degrees. I’m learning a lot and even though I still live at home , it’s not easy, especially when one is working full time as pursuing a degree part time at the same time. I respect those who have families as well, especially in my course, because it’s a whole different world once you have children. This is where time management is crucial.

Speaking of which, I have my second task due at the end of this month. It’s a briefing note in which I’ve never done before. I have the information, now need to pick out the main themes of each article and put it in succinct form to a ‘minister or CEO’. New stuff to do and learn, and hopefully, apply to my career. Furthermore, this  month I really need to use my weekends as study time as I don’t have any time off besides the day I have to go to class and tomorrow. Lucky I have time off in October to do my last assignment and whatever appointments I need to schedule. Plus my parents are away sometime in October so it’s good that I’m taking the time off to look after the house and pets. Furthermore, I need to use my TILs that I worked on Saturdays in July soon so even better.

As you’ve may have read in my previous posts, I’ve been in a secret arrangement since the start of the year.  Unfortunately, it ends this month as he’s moving to a new position and moving away :(. It was a good experience, enjoyed each other’s bodies and finding someone who I felt comfortable with a first. It helped that he was around in my area during that time :). These things happen. We’ve talked about it and on the same page. Even though I’ll miss it, it’ll  be something to look back to and affirm that I can have experiences like this with whoever I meet in the future. A relationship is out of the picture at the moment, though.  All good.

The workplace will be smaller soon as a few will be moving onto new positions. In saying that, I’m at the stage where I’m just ready to move on. I feel that I’m ready to further develop on my experience and move out from where I am, and I have this new mindset to tackle new opportunities. See what opportunities come up and give it a shot 🙂

I went to a  joint bday the past weekend with beer and karaoke. Was good seeing them again as I may limit my social events this month as I need to do my assessment task on the weekends!

Anyways, time to reflect on ‘what happened a year ago this time’:

*I decided to go back to university as I wanted to change careers. It was a choice between public health and health policy. I applied online and went through the information evening and that reignited my passion for study. 2 months later, I was offered with a public health degree, in which I am currently completing to this day.

*That time marked a 30th and having gym drinks in the same week, plus taking leave to accommodate for them. I did enjoy myself and drank a lot for a Sunday hehe 😉

*It marked the time where Scream Queens and The Bachelorette Australia premiered. I can’t wait for scream queens to premier but The Bachelorette and this years’ Bachelor show may be a miss for me this year.

*It marked the time where my secret arrangement person took interest in me. It was during that time that he moved into his own place. I personally wasn’t expecting it and as we met in the same place 2 years ago, he was seeing someone then and that’s when I felt an attraction to him but then I let it slide and carried on normally. During that period, we would talk casually about how things were.  Up until that moment, I was doing my own thing, coming out of my own shell and my social network was growing. With my confidence growing,  I was ready to pursue someone since I hadn’t been with anyone for a while (5 years to be exact). I had 2 potentials in between but those times I didn’t have the right mindset then.

* On a fitness note, I commenced as a FreeAthlete by bodyweight. Sure it was great at first but as more applications were developed, I found i shifted my focus towards the other ones and sad to say I will be stopping bodyweight coach and focus on running and gym apps. I’ll dabble into bodyweight time to time until Master Coach is introduced.

Now moving onto what I have planned/ thoughts for the rest of the year (for now):

*A fitness competition back in June is up again next month and yes, I will be participating again!. Time to train hard up until the event. It’ll be an early Saturday for me as I’ll need to travel there myself.

*I will be taking time off next month, mostly annual leave and using my TILs from Saturdays in July.

*A friend’s bday weekend in October and he plans for a big one.

*I will be done with Univeristy for the year from the end of October :(. Then it’ll begin again in March next year. It’s nice to study again.

*Thinking of undertaking driving lessons and maybe taking my drivers test before the end of the year. We’ll see.

*Definitely seeking out new opportunities to expand on my experience from now on. I now have enough experience to move into whatever I get into. I’m stuck in a rut with the place for a while, aiming to transition out from where I currently work for a while now and cannot wait for my time to go. Since uni will finish next month, that’ll give me time to settle into a new role, if it happens.

*Blog posts topics to cover: resuming studying after a break, surviving first year university,  time management, applying for post-graduate studies. Pokemon Go, fitness attire review, inner thoughts.

Let’s see where the year ends and what happens, happens. 🙂

Good night all x


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