This week…

I don’t have much to say but random thoughts have come through this week:

I’ve considered withdrawing from an expression of interest today. This also came from two days after submitting my application and tossing, turning with my stomach in slight knot that it may not be the role for me. Honestly, I’ve been there twice in previous roles (during the uni days) and yeah, it’s not a nice feeling. The very least I want is to end in a role totally not suited to and plus I do intend to continue my degree over the next couple of years. I’m not in the right mindset into heading into a role already stressful enough. Then again, I’m kind of tired of doing operational roles (menial for the past four years). It was good that I took the university degree and the expression of interest is a one person role in what he wasn’t expecting. Even considering being a back-up instead or getting exposure to outside roles instead. Personality type can affect the job you do as well.

A note to the above: be careful with what you say or want in your career as they can take advantage of you in a different way.

In saying that, last night was the end of our casual arrangement as he had time to meet up before moving today. It was a good session just our usual arrangement. I thought I’d never been able to hook up again this week :(. He was cleaning and packing, thought he’d already had the place empty gone but his mate was going to help him move the next day. It was quite good with a few red wines in between as we both needed it too. Having someone with a different personality works for me in a casual arrangement as it helps me relax (I’m an organised, one that needs to do everything and tries to take on too many things). Although there was one hiccup with the red wine, I enjoyed the last of us and then business per usual until he goes.

Freeletics has a brand new development with its coach settings! You can now access all three (four if you sign with nutrition coach) coaches with one cost!  A much needed yes as I can’t keep up to date and costs with all of the coaches and what better time to need it!

Anyways that’s all for now and will see you in my next post.


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