I don’t know what to write in this post..

As the title says above, I..just..don’t know what to write this week.

All I can say that I am happy to be taking time off work soon i.e a few days this month because I have the rest of Saturday’s booked to work. In return I have to take the day off within the following week because of a new policy at work. I am looking forward to it though as I have uni plus  I feel mentally exhausted. To relieve with a glass of red wine most nights (not every night though) helped me a little. Plus the ‘rents jet off overseas soon and need to look after the pets and house. After the October long weekend, I have a week and a half off, thanks to working Saturdays in July and excess leave. Sort of bit me in the end but more time to use it. I’m happy though.

I’ve also am in the process of searching and applying for new jobs as I’m ready to go on. Not only we are shrinking and shuffling to core required roles, but feel the need to upskill.

Who knows, maybe my turn will come, I don’t know.. we’ll see but I’m hoping to get out where I am in the next year. Oh plus I need to get cracking on my uni task due. Im taking a slow apporach to it but will need to get it done very soon.

That’s all I have to write for now until


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