Post-graduate study application process.

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since updating this blog. I took a little break from blogging this month just to think about my next topic, and enjoy life. Now that uni is over for the year, I have time to blog.

As mentioned in my previous posts, I plan to write several univeristy posts. The title mentioned in the post will be the topic that I will cover today.

What is involved in ‘post-graduate’ process?? You have your undergraduate degree and the application process is exactly the same right?  In my experience, it’s a slightly different process.

First of all it depends on what you want to study, whether it is coursework or research. Most universities have information nights where you can choose to apply on the night, directly though the univeristy or choose to apply online through the ‘Univeristy Admission Centre’ or equivalent which a centralised platform for application to universities in NSW and ACT (for those in Australia)

In terms of application process, the majority of univeristies will require a completion of an undergradate degree as a minimum.  In addition, most would require relevant working experience to the degree that you want to apply for. When I applied for my degree, I had to get a statement of service from my current and former places, which outlined the duration of the job and the duties involved. There will be degrees that require you to have completed a degree related to the field or similar (this will be stated in the criteria). I’ve also seen criteria which states answering statements to why you want to pursue study in X degree; certain degrees requiring X average mark as obtained in your undergradaute degree.

The most crucial document to have is your undergraduate transcript. The transcript must be original and direct from the univeristy. All universities will ask for this if you choose to apply directly which is free of charge. If you do choose to apply throughout the UAC, the centre will source the transcript from your undergraduate for you but there is a cost to apply online. Make sure to pay attention to the closing dates as if you apply after the cutoff dates,  your application will be subject to places and your application may or may not be considered for the course you applied for. Another tip is that apply earlier as there are courses that have high demand and you may miss out.

Once you have all the documentation ready, then you list the order of courses you wish to recieve an offer for. After that it’s a waiting game since you could be invited to an interview (depending on the course) or unsure whether your application was successful. This time last year I was stoked when I recieved an offer to go back to univeristy!! Although I didn’t get into Health Policy degree, I wanted to do public health instead as i thought that would give me more flexibility and head into that health policy field.

One year on, I’m still in that degree and slowly getting there. So far it’s been one of the most flexible degrees as I an actively seeking changing jobs. Maybe I might consider transfering into health policy degree later on, who knows.

In summary:

-Read the criteria

-Transcripts (original), resume, statement of service (when required)

-Waiting game

For those who are thinking of applying, don’t hesitiate and go for it, and good luck!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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