The end of 2016 is around the corner.

I don’t know about you but I honestly cannot wait until this year is over. My minset is in la la land. Long, mentally exhausting yet full of personal growth this year for me. Of course with a few fun events and a not so great event.

Anyways, i’d like to share with you what my year looked like i.e the real stuff:

  • Completed first year univeristy with flying colours.
  • A wedding with one of my uni friends who I’ve known for a decade.
  • Family passing hence…
  • Heading back to Malaysia for the above point!
  • Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary

Job wise, I’m still stuck here and wanted to get uni settled and work on my weaker areas before progressing, hence no job hunt for the first 7 months of the year. Although I did apply and search for suitable jobs within the past 3 months, I wasn’t successful :(. I put so much energy and time into my current role which motivates me to move on and at times has left me going no where.

I am now at that stage where it’s time to move on, needing change. There are things that I want to experience outside my role, but atm it’s not possible with the scope of my role. When I had exposure to a project minute taker, I really enjoyed that and that brought me out of the bubble that I am now back in, if you know what I mean? Time to break the bubble. New year will continue the job hunt until a suited position comes along.

Now here’s the fitness fun stuff:

  • Nike NTC event in March
  • Game of Zones in June
  • Taking up Freeletics Running and Gym coach, taking fitness to a whole new level.

For the personal stuff:

  • First casual arrangement which ended 3 months ago, which I enjoyed. Still occaisonally keep in touch to this date. Met another after that ended but chose not to continue to this date.
  • Growth in personal self and a change in mindset.
  • Know that it’s ok to not know everything and..
  • Do what you can do.

Here’s to 2017 in the hopes to new year and possibly change?┬áLets see where it goes?


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