Welcome to 2017!

Hello to my fellow bloggers,

I know its 4 days but thought I’ll do a first blog of 2017. So yes, welcome to the new year. Just wanted to say that the past year was long but with a good things thrown in between. I am currently on a mini break (yes I did work a few days after xmas) up until last Thursday. Then three days off, worked on Monday public holiday and then break until next Tuesday!

A new start to the new year. Everyone does resolutions but honestly, it didn’t work for me. Here are a few things upcoming to this date so far:

-A wedding in March

-Starting univeristy again this year

That’s pretty much it. I would rather wait until the end of the year to reflect again as things change throughout the year.

Time to move and look forward to what awaits this year.

Anyways, what are your plans this year??


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