Freeletics Bodyweight App 4.0

Hello everybody! Today’s post will be on the above topic: Freeletics 4.0.

A year ago, I did a post of the Freeletics Bodyweight version. Flash forward one year later and it is completely different to previous versions.I’ll explain the differences below.

Back in the old freeletics days, it was all go hard training and reaching for personal bests. Although this type of training can make you fitter, it isn’t sustainable in the long term and can lead to overuse injuries. Not smart training right?

The next point of Freeeltics 4.0 is the focus on smart training.  This new version focuses on the importance of form and technique over speed in the form of ‘Interval workouts’. The interval workouts themselves are customised to you, according to your ability level and goals. It also understnds your strengths and weaknesses too. Since these interval workouts are adapted to your fitness levels, you can only access these workouts by being a coach user.

Thee interval workouts will challenge every muscle from top to bottom and will work on mobility, stamina, conditioning and endurance. Also what I like about these workouts is progression with the advanced moves. Out of the 6 skills, I’ve only unlocked 3 of them which are pullups, toes to bar and pistol squats. Although I can manage a few repetitions of those exercises, coach is smart enough to tailor progression exercises so I can become better at those skills and perform more repetitions. For example: inverted rows and assisted pullups (Pullups) to cossack squats, side lunges and hip raises each leg (Pistol squats) are examples of these progression exercises. These interval workouts also comes handy when you crosstrain with running and/or gym coaches at the same time.

The more you can unlock, the better variety coach will give each week.

In order to get full benefit and growth of a muscle, a person needs to perform an exercise in it’s full range of motion. That’s where mobility comes into action. Being flexible is beign able to stretch. Yet they are used interchangably but the line is: you can be flexible but may not have the strength, balance and co-ordination to perform a certain exercise.

There used to be full workouts of the Gods during each coach week but with this new version, you will see partial workouts often in your coach weeks. This is all due to the smart training concept that Freeletics training system is now focsing on and having a balanced approach to training.  Also, this allows you to go faster in a short amount of time.

Here is an example of a past training week that has an interval and a partial workout:


With this  coach week, a band was needed for posiedon but was able to complete the intervals. Slow, baby steps.

**Next skill goal to unlock: One-handed pushups. Still on the knees at this stage.**

What about those double workouts during hell week?  I’m in my hell week of the current coach version and it’s only one workout each day. No more going all out at an intensive level now. Now that gives us motivation to compete each workout with good form and technique right?

In terms of exercises, only 1/3 of the mentioned exercises have been released in this version. This staggered approach will ensure that the program works and the freeletics can observe and learn and continously improve.

My thoughts: I really like this version and want to see more exercises incorporated as future versions are released. The benefit is that it includes progressive exercises to work on my weaker points (yes pull-ups, I’m pointing at you 🙂 ). There is a tendency to combine with other programs in one training day with the gym  / running coach day or do another bodyweight coach day so if you feel like an extra challenge then go for it but if your body says no then don’t.

Rating: 9.5/10. I want more excersises now but that must wait until next release 🙂

Anyways, that’s my review in a nutshell. Next on the list is reviewing the gym and running apps and then a potential ‘how I combine all three trainings’.

No excuses!

Bye for now 🙂


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