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Hello again,

Today’s post will be on the running app. Yes, I run and before that I wasn’t running regularly. I needed an app that will challenge me, improve on cardio and being outdoors. That’s where Freeletics Running came into place.

Freeletics Running was released around the same time as the Gym application and like the Gym application, they had a select group of people to test run the application. You can find these videos (two people?) on youtube under freeletics running transformation.

What is it? Running to become your greatest self.  Freeletics running coach has two components: interval workouts and distances. The interval workouts are named after gods such as Osiris, Seth and distances from 100m to 21km.

When you start up the coach, you indicate how much experience running you have along with your fitness goals and the amount of days you can train each week. Before needing to pay for one subscription to access all three fitness applications, this application required a separate payment.

For me my goal was increasing fitness. The start for me was challenging as I never ran regualrly. It started out with partial interval runs (1/3 sphinx) like in the bodyweight app in the first 4-5 weeks (this was a year ago). After that, the coach really ramps up the distances, including full interval runs. My first full distance was 8k and that really challenged me mentally and physcially.

Hell days comes in in week 6-7  which is 2 runs each day depending on how any trainign days you selected. The minimun coach will give is 3 days. Hell days week took time to complete due to doing other coaches at the same time.  After finishing, coach started giving me 10KM and even 12Km and that really pushed me really hard. Week 11 was hell week and it took me a long time to finish. From that point on, I decided to change my focus to fat loss, hoping it would give me a balance of intervals and distances. Now I am up to Week 15 and did Osiris today and about to finish 10km.

Example of a coach week:

One more coach day to complete: 10KM

With this coach, I allocate at least once (twice maximum) runs each week or fortnighly, hence I can only do 2 coach week days. Due to focusing on bodyweight and gym, running can only be done on the weekends and/or on my days off. Since running is strenous on your body,  you are advised to juggle the other coaches as appropriate :).

What I liked? I liked doing the intervals and not having to think about the distances to run. I am slowly improving with my running capacity and it’s helped with conditioning too. Runner’s high is the best feeling after accomplishing each run and I feel more focused. Option to change days after each week has been a bonus.

What can be improved? Here’s where the running coach could do with major changes.. This is where I suggest the rating option like in the gym and bodyweight application. There are moments where I’ve had to take a few weeks off (the most was a month) and that my times were a bit slower than doing that particular run prevously. I read from a freeletics user who runs regularly to not always chase pbs but to include easy paced runs and will give this advice a go. I think it will be a true measure of running capability and fitness level during that point in time, especially when I can’t committ to running regularly i.e 3-4 times a week.

New gods would be nice to motivate me to use running coach more :). Short interval runs would be great too. That’s why my coach progress has been slow.

Rating: 7.5/10, mostly due to the above suggested improvements.

This is a good start for beginner runners to the experienced too. Without the interval gods and coach, I would have looked elsewhere to include running into my routine.  The lack of coach feedback for each workout is why it loses the 2.5 stars. I am continuing this running application but still scaling back on the coached days until a feedback system is introduced.

Now that you only need to pay for one coach for all three, why not give all three coaches ago? Speaking of which, the next post will be on how I integrate all three coaches into my weekly training regime.

Get started today. No Excuses athlete!

Until next time!



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