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Today’s post will be on product reviews on the skin care range Sukin. In my past blogging experience, product reviews were a main topic but as of late, I haven’t written a product review in a long time and so decided to do one and bring product reviews into my blog! ūüôā

Over the years, I’ve used a wide range of skincare products and the majority of them were either overpriced for their quality or the product/s were too strong. ¬†Last year I came across sukin products at a local chemist warehouse and have been using their products ever since.

Note: This is a general review hence writing a detailed review will take too much space and reading time. These products that I’ve reviewed is from the signature skincare range.

Sukin Australian Natural Skincare

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, there was a gap skincare that was sustainable, affordable and vegan. Sukin is a brand that is committed to sustainability and affordability of skincare products and is naturally dervied, cruelty free and vegan. ¬†This is what stood out compared to the previous products I’ve used in the past. My skin has been normal to dry with a few pimples in between. ¬†After using sukin products, my face looks and feels better. Here are the products that I currently use:

1)Foaming facial cleanser / Cream cleanser

I’ve used both of these products and been satisfied with both. As most foam cleansers dry out my skin, I found that Sukin one doesn’t do that. The ingredients of chamomile, aloe vera with wheatgerm, green tea and witch hazel along with rose hip oil and primrose delivers this non-drying foam cleanser.

The cream cleanser helps retains moisture and is gentle on the skin. A mitxutre of Rosehip, Avocado, Sesame and Wheat Germ Oils , Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Nettle and Horsetail help smoothe, cleanse, hydrate this skin.

The pump bottle design is easy to use and you can control the amount you use.

2) Hydrating facial mist

The best toner that doesn’t have alcohol, comes in a spray bottle design and actually hydrates! The combination of chamomile and rosewater helps to soothe, purify and cool skin. It also serves as a facial mist or a makeup spray (didn’t think about that use).

No need to use cotton balls.

3) Facial scrub

Gentle scrub combination of bamboo extract and walnut shell powder that exfolifates and removes dirt and impurities. It contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile to soothe te skin while Jojoba, Sesame and Rosehip Oils to lightly hydrate and leave the skin clean and smooth. Also it doesnt scratch the face.

4) Mositure rich Body cream

Thick moisturising creme with shea butter and cocoa moisturise your skin. This luxurious Moisture Rich Body Cr√®me provides intense hydration. ¬†Rosehip, Sesame and Borage Oils helps with skin revitalisation. Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose Oil help to soothe and calm, leaving a smooth, hydrated appearance. This creme doens’t leave a sticky feeling.

5) Facial Daily cream / Night time cream:

Both of these cremes contain gentle ingredients that soothe and moiturise the skin. The daily creme provides enough for a hot summer day but with winter, it doesn’t provide enoug moisture. The best is to combine rose-hip oil with the daily moisturiser. The night cream serves it’s purpose at night but can be used during those cold winter days.

6) Micellar cleansing water (makeup removal):

The best make-up remover to date. Obviously it’s alcohol free, contains cucumber, chamomile and rosewater to soothe calm and remove makeup. Skin feel clean, calm and refreshed.

7) Rose hip oil:

Multipurpose oil and can be mixed with moisturisers to give creams an ultimate boost. Can also be used in hair as well.

There are also other ranges of sukin such as baby skincare, sensitive, supergreens, oil balancing, aging skin and dermaskin as well. Haven’t tried those ranges yet so can’t comment.

You can find more information on their website:  In terms of stockists stores like priceline and chemist warehouse sells these products. The stockist range can be found on the website as well.

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Lingerie brand comparisons.

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So today’s post will be on something that I have a guilty pleasure for: Lingerie, specifically bras and underwear. Ever since the beginning of the year, I’ve had a complete change of dress sense which lead to buying completely new underwear! All I had were boy-shorts and hipsters mostly because I was after comfort and didn’t really care and this was during my active wear obsession phase for around 2 years. I stumbled upon Victoria’s Secret during my holidays where they had their semi-annual sale in store (btw not as big compared to the one’s in the US) and I went there and went crazy over their sale, from hipsters to even re-introducing ¬†thongs / g-strings into back into my wardrobe. I also needed new bras and lets face it, I haven’t worn one since 2012, as I relied on my sports crop tops. ¬†Anyways, since then it’s been my guilty pleasure, and have ¬†bought and tried different brands from Kmart to Victoria’s Secret even Bonds. Anyways, I’ll get straight into the brands I have and thoughts on their lingerie:

Kmart: I was surprised with the range of underwear they had in stock and color range wasn’t too bad either. Have bought the cheeky cut to their boy-leg briefs and in recent times, their G-strings. Their lace g-strings are so soft it feels like you’re not wearing anything underneath and I highly recommend these ones. The cotton g-string ones are great for working out but with the other types with the binding/ scalloped edges I sized up as those ones were a tighter fit. Also have a push-up bra from them and it’s nicely padded.

Verdict? A yes. I’ll pop into there time again, hoping for new colours and definitely get their packs of underwear and bras. I used to think that K-mart was behind and old-fashion ed but now it’s totally changed into a more modern, up to date feel. I enjoy going there now not only for underwear but for household items!

Big W: Their ‘Emerson’ range sold at Big W is gold!. Bright, beautiful colors at the sight of every rainbow at such an affordable price. They release new colors at least every month whenever I go to big w. The products I’ve bought are their t-shirts bras and recently, their lace g-strings, which I got for $2 (the cheapest I have seen in underwear!). ¬†Their lace g-strings are so soft too! Fit wise, go up one size for a comfy fit. I normally I wear size 8 in Big W products however I found this particular range fit is slightly smaller (in underwear specifically).

Verdict? I’ll be a frequent visitor there to the lingerie section. Like Kmart, this is slowly becoming a budget friendly favorite for nice lingerie. Will give the other lingerie a go in this style.

Target: Hmm. Not bad but I do find their common sizes sell out quickly and this is my own opinion but their quality and style isn’t what is use to be compared to my university days. Nothing seems to catch my interest even though I bought a few cheeky style undies but felt it was more full coverage though.

Verdict? A miss for now.

H & M: Opened within the past year or two?, I ventured into the city store and checked out their lingerie, and my first item I bought was this booster bra with double straps and it was white! I think this was my trigger to then go on all all lingerie spree to different stores at the start of the year. A few weeks back I stumbled across a 3 pack cotton / lace thong underwear and it feels nice to wear. Would like to see different colours within those packs. Good price for the packs. Size wise you should be alright with your normal size. Off topic but definitely check out their track pants (not the fleece ones but the ones that are made of lightweight material for training).

Verdict: I like their cotton/lace blend underwear and booster bras. I’ll come in time to time again to see their underwear and what nice things they have.

Bras n Things: A little on the pricier side but they do stock a decent range of lingerie though.  I bought an everyday seamless push-up bra and I love wearing it. Have a few underwear from there too.  They do quite good sales as well.

Verdict: Ok to pop in time to time again. I’ll keep an eye on their lingerie range though.

Victoria’s Secret: A favorite of mine! Totally love their range but I do find them overpriced so I stock up on their deals instead. I highly recommend their lace underwear or anything thong based and their semi-annual haul sales. ¬†I find these underwear don’t show at all and are totally comfortable to wear underneath without that dreaded wedgie. Sizing wise I found XS on lace underwear to ¬†fit me well and a few cotton ones in S, although i prefer the XS, specifically in thongs.

Verdict: Take advantage of their deals and you’ll save a lot more money. ¬†A yes for me!

Cotton On Body: Another addiction where I have at least a few pairs of undies in each style from g-string to boyleg brief. ¬†5 (or 7 whenever they have those deals) for $30, what’s not to love about these deals. Very pretty too, but do watch out for the lace as a few are starting to thread. Also highly recommend the Brasiliano range. Sizing wise: G-strings tend to run large so go down a size, same with seamless underwear and cotton ranges. However with the more sturdier materials, go a size up to accommodate for the material

Verdict: Nice stuff. Another addictive store.

Kayser: Total fan and have only bought their lacy stuff and honestly, go a size up! I normally wear 8 however i found it really tight so I went and bought a 10 and fits much better. Their Brazilian range is to die for as it has sexy cuts to the cheek and also sells the tiniest underwear you can find. Their booster bras and Brazilian bras are quite nice! Good if you can get in on sale. Big W, Best and Less sell these underwear and you can also find it online

Verdict: Take me to Rio with this range! They seem to release all colours of the rainbow and have all cuts and styles to suit. They also have cotton underwear too  but for someone who likes no panty lines, then lace is to go!

So here sums up my thoughts of different lingerie brands and it’s good to have different underwear ¬†ranges to compare the quality.

Are you a lingerie addict like myself? If so, what are your favorite stores?

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