Happy belated Easter!

Thought it’s better to say it now rather than never!  I hope your easter was good.

I went away during easter down south to Wollongong and it was really good! Early beachwalks to hanging around in the main city and seeing other suburbs made this worthwhile. Good Friday was spent hanging out at a pub as all liquour shop were closed and catching up with my work friend who’s been tere for a year now.

Really getting to see more in that area during that time. Thats not the end of it though as I am planning to go back there during June long weekend for a short trip.

Other than that, I am back at uni and this time my subjects are fairly heavy content, as well as  passing my driving test.  Unfortunately I haven’t passed it yet.. I will get it!

Oh and recently, I’m seconded to another role atm part time so that’s kept me busy…

I am now doing Real Insurance 5km run, along with blackmores as well! I need to wait until city2surf opens then I will sign up.

What I am looking foward is The Fitness Show this month and this time I am going over the weekend.

You will see there will be less posts during this period and also, blogging hasnt been a priority atm.  When I do get a chance, it’ll hopefully be something with actual content instead of life updates.

Take care and will see you in the next post

x Lydia


The loss of a childhood pet :(

Hi everyone, just a small update with my life.  Pretty much on my title above.

Last Sunday at 6.30am, I lost my childhood dog named Missy.  Earlier that morning she was yelping in pain wanting to go outside and dad took her out for a bit. Later on we knew it was time as he observed her slumped over and took her last breath and that was it.

We boxed her, wrapped around in a towel, said our last goodbye and then we all buried her in the backyard garden, along with my cousin who was with us. She joins our previous cat, fish and another cat before my previous one.

Growing up 17 years of my life with her, shared very good memories with her. Towards the end of life like with age she had lots of health problems and kept her alive for one year until now. We were going to put her down last year but turned a corner. No longer in pain and suffering.

It’s sad to see her go but we knew it was time for her to go.  Anyone growing up with pets understands the sadness but time will pass..

Now our cat remains and our few fish too…

Anyways, Happy March and see you in my next post.


Check-in Febuary

Dear fellow readers,

Can’t even believe the first month has flown by quickly! Since my last post, I have been back at work, spending time with friends and family and driving practise! I did  thes things during my break as well. My goal this year is to progress to a provisional licence!! Had my L’s for too long and is one of my priorities this year 🙂 .

What’s on this month? Not a whole lot this month and using the downtime before March when uni beings again, on top of a concert, easter and the day of my driving test!

-Well Chinese New Year is this month (2 weeks) and will be celebrating with the family. This is the year of the dog!

-First cousin and second cousin’s birthday’s.

-Unleash the Beast fitness games at the end of month.

So that’s all peeps and see you in the next post!



Welcome 2018!

Hello everybody and happy new year! I hope your christmas and new year was good! A new year has come, with new challenges, growth and events!

Although I have another week off, my break so far has been great! Christmas family lunches, day trips to the south coast, celebrating a childhood friend’s birthday and spending time with my cousins and her family, along with cleaning and tidying up the house! Today I am catching up with my high school friend who I havent seen since March last year!

I don’t have specific plans / events this year atm. Below are some that I have in mind:

This year shall be:

  • Seeing Ed Sheeran live in March!
  • My 30th birthday
  • Fitness Expo again
  • Fun Runs again (additional Harbour Run to the mix)
  • Resuming regular yoga sessions!

That’s all I have in mind atm.

Anyways, what does 2018 bring to you?

See you in the next post!

Checking in October!

Just me again. It’s been a month since I last posted as work, university and life has taken up my spare time.

The long weekend passed and it was a rather chilled one as I spent time doing an assessment the whole of one Sunday which I turned in today and getting back into gaming! Of course catching up with sleep too. I am thinking about getting an xbox at the end of the year…

I have recently started doing the later start and this is my last week and then back to early starts for a month. My roster rotates fortnightly and will do another round of late starts. Sometimes I wish I was doing normal hours but then I think about the upsides more i.e quiet gym in morning and afternoons, whole afternoon off, sleep in and not having to deal with the traffic and peak hour gym times.  Maybe after my degree i’ll re-assess who knows…. for now this will do 🙂 . Only downsides is getting to bed and waking early.

I did have a fitness event (inhouse) called “Unleash The Beast” last Saturday run by one of the neighbouring city gyms. Similar concept to Game of Zones inhouse event.  It’s nice to get a community feel in these sort of events. After that was lunch but then afterthat i became ill :(.  The next one that I can attend to will have to be next year.

Unfortunately I was sick last week with a stomach upset / bug that’s been around. My family had it and so did my neighbouring cousins and their families and it was time off work.

My  final univeristy class for the year was last Thursday and it was nice having to take a day off to study and I’ve learned a lot in that subject as some bits relate to my current job. This university year has been good as I’ve made at least one study buddy (who will finish next year) throughout my degree and kept in contact througout this year.

I also submitted my last assignments today and glad to say that I am done for the year! I need to re-enroll later this month for next year.

This past weekend was celebrating family birthdays. My second cousin turned 4 yesterday and her birthday was held in a community centre. Weatherwise was horrible but I had a good day running around and playing with the kids plus catching up with 2 of my primary school mates. Today was my brother’s birthday and it was yum-cha lunchtime and then a little housework and games throughout the rest of the day.

That’s pretty much whats been happening this past month and see you in my next post! Now onto the last two months of the year and it will be busy before christmas! Plus I have a couple more events to attend to, one at the end of the month and December 🙂

Until next time!


The Fitness Show.

Hello fellow readers,

Today’s post will be on the above mentioned, the fitness show. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s an expo that runs during the entire weekend showcasing the latest fitness classes, products and shows. The show was on the last week of April. I only attended one day due to a prior committment on Saturday. Anyways, here’s what happened:

I arrived at ICC Sydney 9.30am and had to walk over to the area on the other side of the building whic took 10 minutes. Doors didn’t open till 9.50am and then it was straight to the commando fit workout which I paid when I purchased the ticket at the same time.  It was straight to the workout in the prana arena after filling in waiver forms. The workout itself started with emphasis on form, technique and warm up with mobililty exercises and the straight into the workout. The workout was circuit based using a tube equivalent barbell with weights. Power clean and press, front squat and then it was burpees hopover. Can’t exactly remember the precise details as it happened so fast and I was in the moment. Sweaty and pumped after and ready to explore the fitness show!


We had to rush out of the arena due to another fitness session F45 starting straight after we finished.  Bumped into two gym friends who were about to commence the session. I managed to get the photo with him :). He was taller in person though. Next it was a mission to head into the bathroom to change clothes and then I proceeded to see a fitness model / bodybuilding show running the whole day: ICN bodybuilding.  All these competitiors on stage with heaps of fake tan and ripped muscles. I just wanted to see what is was all about and then I walked around for 2.5 hours to the booths and testing samples. I  went shopping and came out with this (some of the below items were free):IMG_6984

I also took a photo with a fitness model by the name of Lauren Simpson. There were others there like Jeff Said and Calum Van Mogen but their lines were insane for their photos. Next time.

More food samples below:

Mind you I purchased a 6pack fitness backpack which carries 3 meals on the go and having to lug this pink bag was fun the whole day:


I stayed for the afternoon ICN  show and managed to meet Olivia, one of the competitors there and follower on Instagram.

There was powerlifting and decided to watch for a bit and bumped into another gym buddy.


After that I was super hungry and purchsed a Muscle Direct meal. It was standard to be honest. I then purchased a tuna roll and a cider, which I prefered eating :).


Anyways, it was a blast but I needed to go both days as one wasn’t enough to see everything. In fact there were a few workouts on Saturday only that I wanted to go to but as I mentioned. I had something on.

After splurging some major $$$, it was time to head home.

That is all I have to say about the fitness show. Will I ever go again? A definite must but I will make sure to have the weekend booked out :).

x Lydia

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