June Favourites!

Hello readers. Now that class is over until August, I have spare time for this blog.

Today’s post will be on the above title. This won’t be limited to just one but various things.  Here’s to below:

  1. Freddy wr up pants. The ultimate butt lifting pants. Hailing from ?Italy?, these one of a kind pants has a silicone waistband and strategically placed seams. These pants are unlike any other pants / jeans you’ve ever worn.  These pants have become increasily popular since 2016. From denim, fashion to even leggings and skirts, you’ll definetly want to buy another pair Only downsides are the cost but totally worth it and the sizing is small.
  2.  Public health research & practice website. As a public health students who aims to tranisition a career into the area, I thought it would be good to start reading out of interest and perhaps gain insights from researchers and current health issues and it’s effect of health policy.
  3. Figs. I love figs and over the past month, I have been eating it most days.  Known for it’s high fibre content, I can only eat a few pieces.
  4. Kombucha. The fermented pro-biotic drink. I havent even bought prebiotic tablets in a long time.

That’s all I can think off at this point in time 🙂



Happy Belated Easter Everyone!!

Easter 2016 Wishes: Best Easter SMS, WhatsApp & Facebook Messages to send Happy Easter greetings!

I don’t wanna go back to work tommorow 😦 😦 :(.  Food, study, rest an doing other things duirng the four days.

Welcome to 2017!

Hello to my fellow bloggers,

I know its 4 days but thought I’ll do a first blog of 2017. So yes, welcome to the new year. Just wanted to say that the past year was long but with a good things thrown in between. I am currently on a mini break (yes I did work a few days after xmas) up until last Thursday. Then three days off, worked on Monday public holiday and then break until next Tuesday!

A new start to the new year. Everyone does resolutions but honestly, it didn’t work for me. Here are a few things upcoming to this date so far:

-A wedding in March

-Starting univeristy again this year

That’s pretty much it. I would rather wait until the end of the year to reflect again as things change throughout the year.

Time to move and look forward to what awaits this year.

Anyways, what are your plans this year??

Studying after a break?

Hi all,

I finally got around to doing univeristy blog posts as mentioned in one of my previous posts! In addition, i’ll be covering my first year post-graduate course experience, applying for post-graduate studies and time management. These will be in separate posts though.

I haven’t done many study life / university  related posts in so long. It’s been on my list for a while since the start of the year and now it’s the right time to do it. Let’s jump into it!

If you’re considering study whether it’s your first degree, postgraduate etc for whatever reason you do, here are my tips to consider:

1) Workplace flexibility. Is your workplace willing to give you time off to study such as days off (complusory class days in particular), leave, time in lieu or varied work hours?

2) Consider the type of class structure the course offers. Are the classes weekly, distance, or have study block days? Study block days means a whole day worth of face to face lectures in an 8 hour period (like a normal work day) on selected days. If you like face to face, weekly or study block days work.

3) Choose a course that offers flexibility in terms of subject choice and electives. In my opinion, doing a very specialised course won’t offer you the flexibility.  Part time or full time study is a very important thing to consider, especially when you have a job.

4)  Are you mentally ready to be behind the books? University in particular isn’t easy speaking from my first degree experience, depending on your chosen course. There will be subjects that are cruisy, others are full on detail driven to the core.  I’m currently doing a rather ‘dry’ epidemiology subject and I can’t wait for that subject to be over (and it’s my core subject).

5) Finances is another obvious tip. You can take out a student loan during that time but in saying that, be prepared to pay if off though. Many students from what I’ve heard escape the country because they can’t afford to pay it off. For a working person like me, having to do this part-time is the only way atm. I didn’t pursue my current degree until I finished paying off my first univeristy debt.

6) Motivation. Transitioning careers? Upskill? Career change? Whatever reason you choose, these are the things to consider when choosing yout course. I chose my current degree because I want to transition away from my current industry and upskill. My interests career wise lie outside my workplace.

7) If you’re considering a post-graduate degree, highly recommend going to a different university. Although there is a university close to home, I didn’t want to go back there again as I found my experience there boring, uninspired and lonesome in my later part of my degree mostly because I changed majors three time and had no interest in the science/medicine type of subjects offered. Too many ‘smart’ weirdos that I couldn’t click with, but that’s what you get with an old univeristy. Even though I have a group of friends to whom I hang out to this day from first year, we all went in different directions as the degree progressed and none of their study paths interested me. The social life there wasn’t enriching in all honesty, not even the events interested me. Even though I’m part time my current univeristy, it’s more suited to me and am keen to stay with this univeristy. So far I’ve made a study buddy in the two subjects so far  (one from my public health subject last semester and another in my current epideomology subject).

Here are the tips that I hope will help those who are considering study again after their first degree or if you’re seeking study for the first time, these tips also apply.

Until the next post,

x Lydia

I don’t know what to write in this post..

As the title says above, I..just..don’t know what to write this week.

All I can say that I am happy to be taking time off work soon i.e a few days this month because I have the rest of Saturday’s booked to work. In return I have to take the day off within the following week because of a new policy at work. I am looking forward to it though as I have uni plus  I feel mentally exhausted. To relieve with a glass of red wine most nights (not every night though) helped me a little. Plus the ‘rents jet off overseas soon and need to look after the pets and house. After the October long weekend, I have a week and a half off, thanks to working Saturdays in July and excess leave. Sort of bit me in the end but more time to use it. I’m happy though.

I’ve also am in the process of searching and applying for new jobs as I’m ready to go on. Not only we are shrinking and shuffling to core required roles, but feel the need to upskill.

Who knows, maybe my turn will come, I don’t know.. we’ll see but I’m hoping to get out where I am in the next year. Oh plus I need to get cracking on my uni task due. Im taking a slow apporach to it but will need to get it done very soon.

That’s all I have to write for now until

Stepping into September

September is here.

It’s now heading into the final quarter of the year and where did the year go?  I’ll be sharing on what’s been going on with my life now. I’ll also reflect on what happened a year ago too, and what’s in store (for now) for the rest of the year.

Mid- August was when university started with two days of whole day classes. Now it’s hitting the  serious side of things (epidemiology).  Not to mention, I had my first assessment due all in the same week. A quiz testing two days worth of knowledge. Surprisingly, I passed with one mark off getting a credit. There were a few that didn’t pass, according to the course co-ordinator.  I still want to do well throughout my degree, as I’m considering getting work experience within my degree. In my opinion, the calculations in the quiz brought my mark down. There were a lot of students from different degrees and the majority were from Health Services Management, as it’s a core subject for most health degrees. I’m learning a lot and even though I still live at home , it’s not easy, especially when one is working full time as pursuing a degree part time at the same time. I respect those who have families as well, especially in my course, because it’s a whole different world once you have children. This is where time management is crucial.

Speaking of which, I have my second task due at the end of this month. It’s a briefing note in which I’ve never done before. I have the information, now need to pick out the main themes of each article and put it in succinct form to a ‘minister or CEO’. New stuff to do and learn, and hopefully, apply to my career. Furthermore, this  month I really need to use my weekends as study time as I don’t have any time off besides the day I have to go to class and tomorrow. Lucky I have time off in October to do my last assignment and whatever appointments I need to schedule. Plus my parents are away sometime in October so it’s good that I’m taking the time off to look after the house and pets. Furthermore, I need to use my TILs that I worked on Saturdays in July soon so even better.

As you’ve may have read in my previous posts, I’ve been in a secret arrangement since the start of the year.  Unfortunately, it ends this month as he’s moving to a new position and moving away :(. It was a good experience, enjoyed each other’s bodies and finding someone who I felt comfortable with a first. It helped that he was around in my area during that time :). These things happen. We’ve talked about it and on the same page. Even though I’ll miss it, it’ll  be something to look back to and affirm that I can have experiences like this with whoever I meet in the future. A relationship is out of the picture at the moment, though.  All good.

The workplace will be smaller soon as a few will be moving onto new positions. In saying that, I’m at the stage where I’m just ready to move on. I feel that I’m ready to further develop on my experience and move out from where I am, and I have this new mindset to tackle new opportunities. See what opportunities come up and give it a shot 🙂

I went to a  joint bday the past weekend with beer and karaoke. Was good seeing them again as I may limit my social events this month as I need to do my assessment task on the weekends!

Anyways, time to reflect on ‘what happened a year ago this time’:

*I decided to go back to university as I wanted to change careers. It was a choice between public health and health policy. I applied online and went through the information evening and that reignited my passion for study. 2 months later, I was offered with a public health degree, in which I am currently completing to this day.

*That time marked a 30th and having gym drinks in the same week, plus taking leave to accommodate for them. I did enjoy myself and drank a lot for a Sunday hehe 😉

*It marked the time where Scream Queens and The Bachelorette Australia premiered. I can’t wait for scream queens to premier but The Bachelorette and this years’ Bachelor show may be a miss for me this year.

*It marked the time where my secret arrangement person took interest in me. It was during that time that he moved into his own place. I personally wasn’t expecting it and as we met in the same place 2 years ago, he was seeing someone then and that’s when I felt an attraction to him but then I let it slide and carried on normally. During that period, we would talk casually about how things were.  Up until that moment, I was doing my own thing, coming out of my own shell and my social network was growing. With my confidence growing,  I was ready to pursue someone since I hadn’t been with anyone for a while (5 years to be exact). I had 2 potentials in between but those times I didn’t have the right mindset then.

* On a fitness note, I commenced as a FreeAthlete by bodyweight. Sure it was great at first but as more applications were developed, I found i shifted my focus towards the other ones and sad to say I will be stopping bodyweight coach and focus on running and gym apps. I’ll dabble into bodyweight time to time until Master Coach is introduced.

Now moving onto what I have planned/ thoughts for the rest of the year (for now):

*A fitness competition back in June is up again next month and yes, I will be participating again!. Time to train hard up until the event. It’ll be an early Saturday for me as I’ll need to travel there myself.

*I will be taking time off next month, mostly annual leave and using my TILs from Saturdays in July.

*A friend’s bday weekend in October and he plans for a big one.

*I will be done with Univeristy for the year from the end of October :(. Then it’ll begin again in March next year. It’s nice to study again.

*Thinking of undertaking driving lessons and maybe taking my drivers test before the end of the year. We’ll see.

*Definitely seeking out new opportunities to expand on my experience from now on. I now have enough experience to move into whatever I get into. I’m stuck in a rut with the place for a while, aiming to transition out from where I currently work for a while now and cannot wait for my time to go. Since uni will finish next month, that’ll give me time to settle into a new role, if it happens.

*Blog posts topics to cover: resuming studying after a break, surviving first year university,  time management, applying for post-graduate studies. Pokemon Go, fitness attire review, inner thoughts.

Let’s see where the year ends and what happens, happens. 🙂

Good night all x

August update

Just checking in, and omg it’s August.

The weeknd went too quickly to be honest. I woke up 4am Saturday, started uni readings, cleaned and chilled. Sunday was my grandfather’s b’day and then more uni readings, plus driving practise.

So today was my day off having worked a Saturday in June. Furthermore I worked 3 Saturdays in July and so will be using those during assessment times.

What did I do? So today I went into the city and trained at lunch at my favourite gym that I used to go during the North side days.  The workout itself was already challenging as I havent been there regularly since last month. There most likely will be more time as I have uni very soon and will be heading there after class.After that, it was straight to study and then after, pokehunting aroudn the city and shopping in between! Then it was dark and i had to go home, due to work..

I potentially will be working for Saturdays next month whilst the allocated person will be on holidays during that period of time. Once my parents go away at the end of next month, I’m hoping for leave to be approved for the first week of October just to look after the house and pets, and other things that my arise. Having the house to myself would be nice.

First set of classes next week (eek!)

Just checking in.

Hello all.

So i’m just doing a  post about thoughts in general. I went out on Friday night to  the Bavarian beer cafe for a mini joint b’day with a friend of mine. For sure I wont be back there anytime soon due to the reasons: There was a time limit on the table; secondly, the food service was slow as fuck and three, seeing that we brought cake from outside, there was a surcharge on top of for each person.Unfortunatelty seeing as the friend was recently married, he had to attend to home matters early which left me the other b’day to go gaming and pooling. I was tired at the end of the night but nonethe less a good night. There was another celebration on the other side of the city for one of my gym buddies but it was too late to join them. Next time.

So towards the end of the month brings me working on a Saturday to be used around upcoming semester. Also a b’day over two days and next week I find out my results for my first masters subject (eek!). I sort of know I passed due to achieving a distinction in all my tasks last semester. Furthermore, the last week of July brings me prepartory week for my upcoming uni classes. Then it’s August and classes begin, meaning time off work to attend class and assessments :). May potentially be offered more Saturdays in the upcoming months as the current person will be going away in September. More day in lieu means no need to use my annual leave for classes, even though I have excess of a week and a bit. Library, coffee, food / wine and laptop every on weekends once semester starts. Bring it on!

Freeletics is currently my new fitness training regime and its given me a whole new motivation in my training!! Having this mobile coach means that i can bring it wherever I want and can train whenever I want for example, yesterday I did a bodyweight workout in my room then borrowed my cousin in law’s home gym for the gym workout and then finished off with pullups and burpees practice. Today I am dealing with muscle soreness, from yesterday’s workouts so I ran 3k today with my running coach 🙂

Anyways, here’s to the second half of 2016!


It’s the Third of July.

I seriously cannot believe that it’s exactly halfway through the year. What’s been happening as I haven’t done a life update as of yet..

It was my b’day a few days ago but kept it low key this time. My friends hinted that I should do something but seeing as I have other b’days to attend around this time, I’ll see. Presents wise.. I don’t expect much since i’m working full time now. I did get a small Lush gift, acrylic jumper for sleeping and a new iPhone! I did buy myself a new Victoria Secret perfume (60% off!) and some underwear, even though I am recovering from purchasing 7 for $30 (2 lots) of panties online. This is currently mt new obsession, as well as Discount Chemist Warehouse.  Also I’ve been into Bras N Things and Cotton On body too.

Oh, I attended a fitness competition 2 Saturdays (fortnight) ago at one of my local gyms and placed 5th with my team. It was good considering I had a year off those events. On that day, I also joined my gym people for a casual lunch and joined one friend who wanted to see The Conjuring 2. A rather scary but great movie, with chilling scenes at the end. A great Saturday. Wish I could do it all again 🙂

Work wise, it’s all the same really. My mood has been better since my last post and just working until the uni term starts pretty soon!! I did have a Time In Lieu this past Monday and since I’ve worked yesterday, I have another 2 more of those days to use soon. Need to find out when the next round assessments are due and then use those days. Leave for University and Day In Lieu/ADO for assessments is my plan this upcoming semester.

Fitness regime wise, I’ve subscribed to Freeletics Gym and am loving it! Before subscribing to the Bodyweight App, I was mainly doing weights and HIIT. Having to go to my favourite gym can sometimes be hard, so freeletics has been my saviour. Mind you, the workouts itself are quite challenging. My plan is to continue with gym coach once my body weight finishes.

SO that’s all I can update you with! Have a great week ahead!


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