Mid year drop in and where is my blog heading?

Hi all,  checking in with you all with this post.

So yes, I am offically 30 as of last Saturday and I had a awesome time with two events. First lunch with the family and then cockital gathering with friends at the arthouse hotel.  After that it was a spontaneous karaoke and didnt finish till early Sunday morning.

Been spoilt rotten with a lot of lovely gifts thank you!

The second question is where will this blog go? As of late, my posts have rather been uninspiring and lacking content as of late. For me, I go through waves of motivation of having to write posts and then I don’t post anything interesting for a while. Will I continue?  I think I need to go on an indefinite hiatus and post when I feel like it

One year on since i left my previous job mentioned in posts last year and honestly I am ready to move and transistion into something related to my field. So many people have left since I started and both my original bosses have all left. The boss in charge right now, I am unsure to use as a reference as the secondment didn’t work out with that particular team nor has been very long. I’ll say that everyone has left hence no-one to use as reference in my current job. My old place is still keen for me to use as my references instead. I do also think that my strengths haven’t been used and not even one perfomance review, which is another reason for me considering transistioning into something related to my role.

The reason of taking this job was to get me out of records and try something different, and just something to keep me afloat until I find my next one.  Just another dead end draining admin role.

The hours are out of office hours which can be a pain and I would like to go back into normal hours with my next job.

Driving test still no success so far but a goal in progress…. I really need to start taking one day off aside from my uni classes to acocomdate with this.

Feelings wise: personal life ok,  career wise not so much.

Anyways, that’s where I stand right now with myself


I’m on uni break now!!

Dear fellow readers..Long time no post!!

I am back here because of the above said title. I havent posted since April and the past month has been busy!! May brought a farewell to a friend who is in London now, and my final assessements took up a fair bit of the weekends.

The mini secondent that I mentioned posts ago? didn’t work out so I am back on my original place and recently one from our admin team resigned this week so will be leaving at the end of the month. One down but life goes on. Plus I already have my leave approved for uni classes next semester.  Well, my department has already nurses dropping by flies in the last few months and now my unit manager has gone. The one (different person) who hired me left two weeks after I started.

It’s coming to nearly a year and I’m seeking jobs that relate to my field of study (setting wise) but plans to apply after my one year anniversary. The main purpose of this job was to give me a break from records and gain new skills whilst finishing my degree. With the way the department (and our corresonding department) is going and my career goals in sight, ready for the opportuniy to go.

Other than that, long weekend is coming up!

See you later! x

New Fitness Regime..

Hello dear readers,

For those who were wandering whether I still do freeletics as my fitness regime to this date. A year ago I posted my own views and was using it religiously. After using the app for alomost 2.5 years, I decided to call it quits as of March 2018.  In the month leading up to my final workouts, I found that I wasn’t getting anymore benefit out of the 3 applications. The workouts itself were getting montonous and especially with the gym app, was lacking variations of exercises. Plus the subscription every 6 months was getting pricey.

That’s when I discovered FitBod app, an application dedicated to strength training. Bascially it has different goals from strength to powerflifting, bodybuilding and olympic weightlifting. You can also customise what equipment you have, set time avaialbility and level , exclude exercises to training splits. A yearly subscription of 70AUD, if you choose to go down that path.

Conditioning wise, I’ve discovered AMRAP plus one with a whole range of programs and those programs are a one time payment. AMRAP plus one gives a discount if you purchase 3 or more programs. Anyways, I mix both of these apps up and never looked back since.

More to come with my own views….

Till next time…

June Favourites!

Hello readers. Now that class is over until August, I have spare time for this blog.

Today’s post will be on the above title. This won’t be limited to just one but various things.  Here’s to below:

  1. Freddy wr up pants. The ultimate butt lifting pants. Hailing from ?Italy?, these one of a kind pants has a silicone waistband and strategically placed seams. These pants are unlike any other pants / jeans you’ve ever worn.  These pants have become increasily popular since 2016. From denim, fashion to even leggings and skirts, you’ll definetly want to buy another pair Only downsides are the cost but totally worth it and the sizing is small.
  2.  Public health research & practice website. As a public health students who aims to tranisition a career into the area, I thought it would be good to start reading out of interest and perhaps gain insights from researchers and current health issues and it’s effect of health policy.
  3. Figs. I love figs and over the past month, I have been eating it most days.  Known for it’s high fibre content, I can only eat a few pieces.
  4. Kombucha. The fermented pro-biotic drink. I havent even bought prebiotic tablets in a long time.

That’s all I can think off at this point in time 🙂


Welcome to 2017!

Hello to my fellow bloggers,

I know its 4 days but thought I’ll do a first blog of 2017. So yes, welcome to the new year. Just wanted to say that the past year was long but with a good things thrown in between. I am currently on a mini break (yes I did work a few days after xmas) up until last Thursday. Then three days off, worked on Monday public holiday and then break until next Tuesday!

A new start to the new year. Everyone does resolutions but honestly, it didn’t work for me. Here are a few things upcoming to this date so far:

-A wedding in March

-Starting univeristy again this year

That’s pretty much it. I would rather wait until the end of the year to reflect again as things change throughout the year.

Time to move and look forward to what awaits this year.

Anyways, what are your plans this year??

Studying after a break?

Hi all,

I finally got around to doing univeristy blog posts as mentioned in one of my previous posts! In addition, i’ll be covering my first year post-graduate course experience, applying for post-graduate studies and time management. These will be in separate posts though.

I haven’t done many study life / university  related posts in so long. It’s been on my list for a while since the start of the year and now it’s the right time to do it. Let’s jump into it!

If you’re considering study whether it’s your first degree, postgraduate etc for whatever reason you do, here are my tips to consider:

1) Workplace flexibility. Is your workplace willing to give you time off to study such as days off (complusory class days in particular), leave, time in lieu or varied work hours?

2) Consider the type of class structure the course offers. Are the classes weekly, distance, or have study block days? Study block days means a whole day worth of face to face lectures in an 8 hour period (like a normal work day) on selected days. If you like face to face, weekly or study block days work.

3) Choose a course that offers flexibility in terms of subject choice and electives. In my opinion, doing a very specialised course won’t offer you the flexibility.  Part time or full time study is a very important thing to consider, especially when you have a job.

4)  Are you mentally ready to be behind the books? University in particular isn’t easy speaking from my first degree experience, depending on your chosen course. There will be subjects that are cruisy, others are full on detail driven to the core.  I’m currently doing a rather ‘dry’ epidemiology subject and I can’t wait for that subject to be over (and it’s my core subject).

5) Finances is another obvious tip. You can take out a student loan during that time but in saying that, be prepared to pay if off though. Many students from what I’ve heard escape the country because they can’t afford to pay it off. For a working person like me, having to do this part-time is the only way atm. I didn’t pursue my current degree until I finished paying off my first univeristy debt.

6) Motivation. Transitioning careers? Upskill? Career change? Whatever reason you choose, these are the things to consider when choosing yout course. I chose my current degree because I want to transition away from my current industry and upskill. My interests career wise lie outside my workplace.

7) If you’re considering a post-graduate degree, highly recommend going to a different university. Although there is a university close to home, I didn’t want to go back there again as I found my experience there boring, uninspired and lonesome in my later part of my degree mostly because I changed majors three time and had no interest in the science/medicine type of subjects offered. Too many ‘smart’ weirdos that I couldn’t click with, but that’s what you get with an old univeristy. Even though I have a group of friends to whom I hang out to this day from first year, we all went in different directions as the degree progressed and none of their study paths interested me. The social life there wasn’t enriching in all honesty, not even the events interested me. Even though I’m part time my current univeristy, it’s more suited to me and am keen to stay with this univeristy. So far I’ve made a study buddy in the two subjects so far  (one from my public health subject last semester and another in my current epideomology subject).

Here are the tips that I hope will help those who are considering study again after their first degree or if you’re seeking study for the first time, these tips also apply.

Until the next post,

x Lydia

Who am I? Behind the blog..

As I mentioned in the last post, I aim to do a introductory post of myself? Might as well do it earlier rather than later.

So I briefly mentioned that i’m a full time worker plus part time student. Technically I commence that in March on a part time basis in Public Health. So yes, after finishing my undergraduate (in science) 5 years ago and working in the industry for 4 years and wanting a’field’change, i chose to undertake this degree. The challenge this year is to balance both and I will do posts from the application process to balance / general thoughts.

Another passion of mine is health and fitness. It began after completing high school and first year uni that i was unhappy and unhealthy with my body and decided enough was enough. Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey as my fitness regime was gone through constant change from changing the exercises i do to nutrition.  I’ll explain through posts over time about what worked / current regime / nutrition etc.

Aside that, my other interests/hobbies include writing, gaming (didn’t see that right?), beauty, well-being, being outdoors, #foodie. I’m also an Oxygen magazine fanatic (and recently fitnessrx) to living life i.e shop-a-holic, socialising but also needing alone time too. Reviews will be featured and who doesn’t love a personal honest review? The only reading that I do will come from scholary articles, a newspaper to reviews and whatever interesting material comes my way.

For the real stuff, I live at home with 2 siblings, a cat, dog and a few cods in the tank under the roof.

So that sums up myself and enjoy the rest of the day everyone!












First Post.


Here’s to my first post. I’ve recently rediscovered my past time hobby of blogging during the undergrad days, and to say that I really missed it. I used to use blogger in the begging but over time the formatting and resign drove the shits out my brain, so here I’m starting with wordpress (hopefully this will workout in the long term).

The transition from blogging during my uni days to blogging (this was 5 years ago)  whilst undertaking full time work was like…I seriously have no time for this. Yes, coming home after a long day at work and feeling uninspired / unmotivated to write about anything which lead to me deleting my older blogs 2 years ago.

Blogging History: I started off with general life to focusing on beauty reviews / hauls then it gradually dropped to monthly posts on what I’ve been up to. Then I started with a health / fitness only and then it became too difficult to maintain with the mentioned reason above. Plus life gets in the way.

New year means new beginnings, which is why I’m blogging with a clean slate. As i’m currently a full-time worker about to commence a masters (part time), I need to balance this and life too. Health and fitness is another passion of mine too (I have an instagram-based on this too which I’ll post later). I’ll throw in thoughts, recounts of life whatever you want to call it in the works as well. So pretty much it’s everything and anything that comes to mind is what this blog will be about.

Look out for a post ‘behind the blog’! Okies, so time to write and see you in the next post.


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