Where I stand.

I’m officially on uni holidays now. Everything is now submitted, now I await my results. I’ve aleady enrolled in my classes for next year. Need to submit my leave forms for classes in the new year 🙂

What’s on the rest of the year? Nothing planned in November but in December, a wedding to xmas social gatherings.

My new job has been ok so far despite having a rather crazy week. Adjusting to early this week hasnt been easy but i’m slowly getting there. More sleep on the weekend though. At times, I question myself in my current role but I tell myself I need to give it time to learn this role. I would like to get back into into a health screening program setting though, just like my previous secondment though. For now it ok with uni, learn new skills and ability to take days off in between uni days. Once I am finished with my studies (hopefuly in 2 years time), I’ll reassess and seek opportunities closely related to my degree and what I want to get into, maybe get back into normal hours, I don’t know.

I like to blog because I can write it all down here and share my thoughts. Since i’m on uni break now, more time to write in this blog.

Anyways thats where I stand for now 🙂


Checking in October!

Just me again. It’s been a month since I last posted as work, university and life has taken up my spare time.

The long weekend passed and it was a rather chilled one as I spent time doing an assessment the whole of one Sunday which I turned in today and getting back into gaming! Of course catching up with sleep too. I am thinking about getting an xbox at the end of the year…

I have recently started doing the later start and this is my last week and then back to early starts for a month. My roster rotates fortnightly and will do another round of late starts. Sometimes I wish I was doing normal hours but then I think about the upsides more i.e quiet gym in morning and afternoons, whole afternoon off, sleep in and not having to deal with the traffic and peak hour gym times.  Maybe after my degree i’ll re-assess who knows…. for now this will do 🙂 . Only downsides is getting to bed and waking early.

I did have a fitness event (inhouse) called “Unleash The Beast” last Saturday run by one of the neighbouring city gyms. Similar concept to Game of Zones inhouse event.  It’s nice to get a community feel in these sort of events. After that was lunch but then afterthat i became ill :(.  The next one that I can attend to will have to be next year.

Unfortunately I was sick last week with a stomach upset / bug that’s been around. My family had it and so did my neighbouring cousins and their families and it was time off work.

My  final univeristy class for the year was last Thursday and it was nice having to take a day off to study and I’ve learned a lot in that subject as some bits relate to my current job. This university year has been good as I’ve made at least one study buddy (who will finish next year) throughout my degree and kept in contact througout this year.

I also submitted my last assignments today and glad to say that I am done for the year! I need to re-enroll later this month for next year.

This past weekend was celebrating family birthdays. My second cousin turned 4 yesterday and her birthday was held in a community centre. Weatherwise was horrible but I had a good day running around and playing with the kids plus catching up with 2 of my primary school mates. Today was my brother’s birthday and it was yum-cha lunchtime and then a little housework and games throughout the rest of the day.

That’s pretty much whats been happening this past month and see you in my next post! Now onto the last two months of the year and it will be busy before christmas! Plus I have a couple more events to attend to, one at the end of the month and December 🙂

Until next time!


Blackmores Bridge Run

Sorry not sorry for another post. On a fitness note, I participated in the Sydney Running festival, specifically the Bridge Run today. All the way from Milsons Point to the Sydney Opera House!

The day started of sunny, cold and not so windy, as I woke ap at 6am to be out of the house by 6.50am.  Breakfast was three rice cakes with a small amount of tuna and avocado with some veggies and a coffee, with a bit of fruit. After that, it was a lift to the station. I had to be at the venue before the 8am start for bridge run.Took the train there and hopped off Milson’s point with fellow runners. The loo lines were taking a long time but lucky I waited in my line and then it was straight to thte start area. The area was moving but since I picked the slow group C, I waited in that group before the group start, costing me my official time where it took me 61 minutes to run chip time….lesson learnt. Shame I missed out this time (again) to get into green group for city2surf next year but will pick the faster group in blackmores and aim to run better next year.

The course itself was flat, beautiful and good to run with and despite being in the slowest group, I ran the whole course with minimal rest. Seeing the Opera house in sight at the end was the best motivation after running 10KM!

After that I went to collect my medal and headed to the recovery village for a recovery burrito (kale, egg, ham or bacon) and a rather sweet black coffee. Since I was a little hungry, I got myself a shake from Thrive and bought a new jacket because I was shivering!

Training wise? After city2surf, I focused mainly on shorter speedier runs twice a week. This helped me speed wise in this race.

Happy that I ran it just over an hour but not glad with my official time :(. Running season is offically over for me..

Would I do it again? For a better time, yes! Next year perhaps…..maybe a half marathon in the future, will see…

I’ve set myself new running goals to work towards for next running season. For now, it’s focus on speed work.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts in a nutshell and see you when I next post.

x Lydia

What’s in my make-up collection?

Hello everyone,

I am back with a post despite taking a so called ‘litte hiatus’. For those who may have read the last post, I decided to slightly change my direction with this blog. Today’s post will be on something that I have not blogged here before: beauty products!

6-7 years ago, I went through a phase of blogging about makeup products and my reviews on the products I used and my readers found them useful. I also came across a beauty website under the name of beautyheaven, which I check in time to time again. During that time, I wrote a whole bunch of product reviews etc but now since I am working /studying, I can only visit there time to time again. Halfway through my working life, I shifted my focus to fitness and health and began less focused makeup. As of recent times, I decided that my makeup collection needed an update. Several priceline trips during the biggest sale times, David Jones / Myer and Sephora has landed me with a brand new collection of makeup. I find that a new change in life means a new overhaul of products.

I went from minimal products to a whole new range of high end to drugstore products. Here’s what is sitting in my make-up collection:


-Zoeva Caramel, Neutral and Cocoa palettes. The pigment is very good that I reach for these a lot

-Maybelline Eye shadow tattoo in leather and black. Again, perfect to wear on it’s on and with the black one, can be used as an eyeliner.

-Nyx go-to palette in Bon Voyage. 6 eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and blush. Good pigmentation and colours

-Nyx eyshadow base. An ok product but eyeshadow doesn’t last long on the eyelids.

-Zoeva eyeshadow primer. Used this a handful of times so far. A good primer so far.

-Covergirl Invisible concealer. A good concealer to cover dark spots and as an eyeshadow base.

-Maybelline studio eyeliner in black. My holy grail product as you can make the eyeliner thick or thin.

-Nyx Glam liner (Aqua). A fun blue liner that holds well during the day.

-Mascaras: Covergirl Full lash, Essence Lash princess, Nyx pin-up mascara and Bourjois Black balm twist 2 in 1 mascara. Have recently bought mimiso waterproof and essence waterproof mascara that have yet to be opened.


-Foundations: Chanel Perfection lumiere velvet, Shisedo Synchro-skin foundation, Boujois healthy mix foundation (tad too dark).

-Australis match maker. Good mixer but other parts of the product can be improved as it’s messy to use.

-Powders: Natio translucent setting powder, Nyx Mineral set it dont fret it powder and bourjois healthy balance powder.

-Covergirl Outlast all day primer. A good primer.


-Revlon Oh baby pink blusher.

-Savvy Mineral baked blush.

-Nude my nature bronzer


-Nyx High voltage lipstick (coral colour)

-Nyx extra creamy lipstick (chloe)

-Nyx soft liquid matte lipstick

-Covergirl lipglosses (pink and nude)

-Essence  sheer lipstick

So that’s my updated collection of makeup. I may get around to doing product reviews of these when I can get around to it (possibly in between hiatus) or looks, whatever floats the boat.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

See you in the next post.

Time for a little hiatus me thinks..

Dear fellow readers,

I think it’s time to take some time out from blogging, what you think?

I want to redirect on where my content direction in this blog as I have hit writers block. Thoughts include adding product reviews on top of my usual content and including fun things as well. For me blogging isn’t so much of the followers, rather it’s a writing outlet for me. Plus I dont want to succumb to the pressure of posting x amount of posts each week and just write when I can and feel like it.

I must say it has been a pleasure to get back into blogging the past 18months from rants to what goes on in life.

Anways, that’s all I have to say for this time and see you in my next post.

x Lydia

Spring into September!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

It has been a while since I did the city2surf post. From that point, it was univeristy all week and then the start of my new job. I’ve just done two weeks of my new job and it’s a lot to learn but survived it. Its a good learning curve for me career wise. The first week I was exhausted and questioning whether I made the right choice or not. Second week and it wasn’t too bad aside from a day where it was messy. Not to mention during that time the manager that recruited me into this role has been successful in scoring a new role in another place. Oh wells, hoping her replacement fill in will be undertanding that I am new. I have been recieving good support early from my team which is a bonus. I still need to learn things as as of next month I will be rotated between late and early. Slow and steady steps :).

Needing to adjust to early start hasn’t been too bad as I used to do early start at my old job moons ago. The sun is up early so makes it ok :). Lucky from next month I’ll be on fortnightly rotating.

Uni marks wise has been good. Two assessemnt due the end of this month and have been in the process of starting my biostats one.

Anyways, that’s where I stand with this post.

That’s all folks!

I did City2Surf last Sunday :)

Hello dear readers,

I finally ran the city2surf event on Sunday and I must say I enjoyed it. Even better with suprising myself with completing the run under 2 hours (well 96 minutes to be exact). 96 mins off green group but since I will be doing another run (Blackmores), I may have a chance in qualifying for a faster group fo next year 🙂

What the day looked like in a snapshot:

Beautiful sunny day. Slighly cold in the morning but as you ran, it started to warm up.  My group was yellow and being a first time runner, I originally thought the people wer slow. I seriously underestmated how slow the people in this group were! Too many slow walkers in my group and was suprised some of the blue group were walking it.  Along the way of the course it was taking advantage of free space for those walkers and dodging them like no tommorow.

I ran the majority 90% of the course with 5-10% walking when i needed to catch my breath. I took it at an easy pace and then it was Heartbreak Hill. It wasnt that bad in my hoenst opinion despite many people fearing that hill. It wasn’t as steep as I anticipated it to be and my own hill training definetly paid off and of course freeletics as well.

After Heartbreak Hill, it was 5-6 kim to go and I continued on. As i could see the beach ahead, I thought it was over but nope, need to do the loop around the main road and once I saw 13KM mark, I dashed towards the finish line and made in within 96 minutes! I definelty felt a true runners high because not only did I set a good time but for me running the whole thing.

After that, I met a friend who ran earlier and was waiting for his colleagues to finish and grabbed food, walked around and then headed home. Along the way I got a massage.

I would like to do it again but need to be in a faster group (green next year!).

This race reaffirmed that I can run and have the potential to be in a faster group and gave me new confidence to participate in runs like this.

For those who are considering city2surf, here are some tips:

*Train for it, regardless of what group you select. You will be in for a long run if you are not mentally and physically prepared for it. Honestly, the amount of walkers that I dodged in order to run the whole thing….

*Do an easy paced run befrre the day and or active walking (not long distance though). Deifently do taper your training before that as well.

*Having a decent sized meal of homemade pasta the night before, plus lots of water. Tinned tomatoes, protein of choice and pasta does the trick.

*Take advantage over the walkers and whatever free space you find, just take it. That was my strategy to get a time like mine.

*DO NOT take the portaloos and/or take free treats that the neighbours on the side street! You will most likely crash and hit an energy slump later on in the race. The queues to the portaloos is unbelievable. Even halfway througout the race I was surprised honestly that they would offer this. That’s why you go before the race people. I avoided those like the plague.

*Be wary with waterstations as you will only have a short amount of time to drink those and the risk of slipping on concrete is increased with unfinished water. I’ve seen runners trip and slip because of this which leads to…

*Stay flat on the ground wherever you can.

*Do not neglect strength training. Legs, abs and even upper body. Having a strong upper body means you wont waste your energy, being able to see where your going, oxygen flow and minimising arm swing. Plus having good posture plus having strong legs and steady core means you can run well and reduce injury.

*Addtiion of conditioning will aid in stamina and cardio levels durng your run.

*No need for a heavy breakfast. I ate a toasted sandwich with strawberries and a shot of coffee. Water needed too!

*Big one: Invest in a good pair of running shoes and socks (running specific socks)! Your feet will thank you for it. Saves you from having to finish early.

*Get plenty of rest before the event!

Anyways, that’s all that I can think of and will see you in the next post.


Welcome August and it’s time…

This is the week and month where everything is happening. This past weekend had me behind the books as I have 2 pre class tasks due before my first day of the class. Then it was onto biostatistics readings (halfway done though 😦  ). Half of the required content is what I done in undergrad but the other half, all new.  Taking on an extra subject will require me to use my time wisely…

This week also marks my final week at my current role, after being with the company for over three years. I will commence my new role after my university class the following week :).

Also I am participating in my first ever city2surf and have been training for that. Two (three if neccessary) varied runs since mid-June. Hill runs over the past 2 weeks and today was short intervals (up to 5km in total). This week I aim to ease my training (maybe fit an easy run) before Sunday.  Hoping to finish my biostats reading then (wish me luck..)

Back to blocking weekends out for tasks and nights (if neccessary).

Guess you’ll know where I’ll be if I havent updated this blog in a while….

Until next post



Change is coming..

Hello everyone, just a little update with life.

As you may not know,  I have been successful in one of the positions i interviewed last month! I recieved my letter offer and handed in my resignation notice today! It’s official now!

Now I need to slog it out for the next fortnight and finish my secondment and then it’s uni, then straight to my new job. I couldn’t start earlier due to clashing with university and finishing with my secondment too.

It’s all happening now and also city2suf is around the corner too ;). Training well underway.

Anyways over and out!

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